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        How do you get to the Faroes?
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Crozzer the Bing

Opinionated Wind Bag
Really struggling to find a way to get to the opener in September.  The dizzy cows in London travel agents stared at me blankly when I asked for their help, and I can not find a thing on the web.

If anyone can help me out with contacts etc I would be muchos grateful.

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Battlebus Commander

Opinionated Wind Bag
Try Atlantic Airways flying out of Aberdeen, or Mersk from Gatwick - Billund or Copenhagen then onto the Faroes.

Alternatively - can ye swim ?

Slainte     Tom

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Up Helly Aa

Talks too much
Everything is more or less fully booked up....only way still available is with Maersk Air from Copenhagen. Atlantic Airlines are keeping a standy list and they may lay on another flight (they have a website....try harder!). Smyril Line Ferries are not intending on extending their summer sailings from the UK.  

Youll also struggle to get accommodation. Good Luck!!!

The waves are rolling on....grand old vikings ruled upon the ocean vast...their wild war cry comes a ringin' from the past

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Opinionated Wind Bag
Up Helly Aa,

How much are you paying from Copenhagen??


Smarter than your average bear!

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Opinionated Wind Bag
I paid £289 Gatwick-Copenhagen-Faroes return. Think the Faroes leg was about £120.


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MacMirza fae Sarajevo TA

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