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Something to say
I posted on another thread the possibility of collecting foreign coins from footsoldiers on there return from foreign shores to help swell the coffers of the Sunshine Appeal

I've looked into the possibility of changing foreign coins into Sterling and Travelex have got back to me saying they would be prepared to offer there services for ANY foreign coin, with a likely exchange of 75% of whatever the exchange rate is at the time. ( less for rarer currencies probably )

As i'm relatively new to the board i don't want to step on anyones toes etc, by charging on and arranging this, so if some of the original organisers of the appeal want to get in touch i'll forward the info i got from Vanessa at Travelex and they can decide from there whether this is a viable option.

heres what her e-mail said

Dear Mr Robson,

Thank you very much for your e-mail requesting details of our services.

Our company handles foreign coin collections for many charities throughout
the world and we would be happy to assist with any collection that you would
like to do.  For your information, I have attached a flyer entitled "Our
Charity Service", which tells you about the facility that we offer.   In
addition, there is a list of the 23 core currencies that we accept; all
currencies on the list are bought at 75% of the current buy rate.

If you decide to proceed with a collection, I can arrange for a supply of
our charity pouches to be sent to you which are very useful in transporting
the collection to us safely.  There are receipts attached and also space
available to clearly mark the pouches to identify the charity.

I hope that I have given you sufficient information to encourage you to
continue raising funds on behalf of the Sunshine Appeal, but if you have any
further questions please do not hesitate to contact Jackie Manley our
General Manager on 01277 632639.

We look forward to being of service to you.

P.S she fwd on another note confirming they accept all currencies.



Total Posts: 54 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 4:44 pm on Aug. 1, 2002 | IP

Robbo - looks like your the man on this one!

Dunno if I've got much but I'll away and look now that yer getting the ball rolling.

Nice one!

Get yer Magoo'd Shirts Here......        iain_mck@hotmail.com

Total Posts: 790 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 7:09 pm on Aug. 1, 2002 | IP
deek fae kdy

Talks too much
robbo,silly question,but will they take notes aswell,still
h ave 300 bel fr. if of any use.plus the usual holiday slosh
and guid luck oan yer new charity venture

Total Posts: 131 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 8:09 pm on Aug. 1, 2002 | IP

Something to say
I'll happily tak it on if abody is ok with that.......

I bide in aberdeen so i can collect fay the North-East etc, but is there onybody else willing to do the same for Perth, Dundee, Weegie-land, Edinburgh etc?? dinna want to be posting tonnes o shrapnel!

Maybe some of the Easta / Westa etc etc lads & lass's would be willing to help oot?? ( HELP!! )

plus we need as many tambers as possible to go collecting on the flights / trains / boats on the way home fae the likes o the Faeroes ( i'm nae gan.... financial restrictions...dammit! ) and Iceland trips............volunteers

Total Posts: 54 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 8:43 am on Aug. 2, 2002 | IP

Something to say
Deek fae kdy,

you'd get a better exchange rate just going to a travel agents for notes.

Total Posts: 54 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 9:09 am on Aug. 2, 2002 | IP
Rampant Lion

Something to say

Are you able to exchange former Euro currencies.  I've got about £40 quid of coins in Dutch Guilders.

Total Posts: 98 | Joined Feb. 2002 | Posted on: 7:34 pm on Aug. 4, 2002 | IP
deek fae kdy

Talks too much
ana thought travel agents stopped changein foreign notes a way back

Total Posts: 131 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 4:56 pm on Aug. 5, 2002 | IP
sleeping warrior

Talks too much
what about collection points at the iron horse and pandora's before the denmark game.

form is temporary, class is permenant

Total Posts: 114 | Joined Nov. 2001 | Posted on: 5:05 pm on Aug. 5, 2002 | IP

Something to say
Dinna think so DFK....... but i spose Belgian Franks arna  legal tender onymare r they?!?
Onybody cain?
Sorry canna help you either Rampant Lion.......
somebody must know i'm fair bamboozled.......... bit i spose if we thro them in the collection bags the lurvly Vanessa is forwarding on to me..... you never cain

Total Posts: 54 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 5:10 pm on Aug. 5, 2002 | IP

Something to say
Sleeping Warrior, thing is does abody want to be carrying loads o Foreign Shrapnel to the game?

If so i'll bring a bucket or 2 to Pandorra's ( gan straight there aff the train fae Aberdeen )

Total Posts: 54 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 5:19 pm on Aug. 6, 2002 | IP
deek fae kdy

Talks too much
gawd robbo, yiv got me goin noo.dfk fluck, soonds like a should be related tae mdf,anam not really widden,never mind changin dough yiv got me thinkin aboot changin ma name noo.

Total Posts: 131 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 5:29 pm on Aug. 6, 2002 | IP

a bucket in the pubs b4 the Denmark game is a great idea.  I would bring all my coins through providing theres somewhere to dump them.  Im sure if the pubs were asked nicely they could look after them while the games on...

Tommy's Tantric Tartan Army

Total Posts: 840 | Joined Mar. 2002 | Posted on: 3:07 pm on Aug. 9, 2002 | IP

Something to say

There will be a bucket for foreign coins at the Pandorra' fan i get pourerd in the door ( previous Magoo'd experience's on Aberdeen to Glasgow train )

So if you want to get rid o yer Shrapnel... here's yer chance!

has onybody got a contact for Pandorra's so i can fone and see if its ok to leave the bucket there.... at least for the game.. maybe even overnight depending on how much juice i consume and where and in what state i end up!

Total Posts: 54 | Joined June 2002 | Posted on: 3:39 pm on Aug. 9, 2002 | IP

Opinionated Wind Bag
Aye, they'd better huv a few mair buckets fur .

(Edited by DesertJock at 4:09 pm on Aug. 9, 2002)

and by Plane, Train or Taxi...........

Total Posts: 185 | Joined July 2002 | Posted on: 4:09 pm on Aug. 9, 2002 | IP

Robbo you'll be fine leaving yer bucket as I will also need to do the same with the Sunshine Appeal bucket. The manager is named Didier and he is cool.
Please everyone who is chucking there coins in the buckets gonnae no pit foreign wans in the sunshine appeal bucket as I will just have to gie them aw tae Robbo efter as well as coontin aw the smash in the appeal bucket. thanks

TAMB Sunshine Appeal show the true face of the Tartan Army remember "one beer less" can make one hell of a difference
The future is bright the future is Scottish

Total Posts: 1592 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 4:16 pm on Aug. 9, 2002 | IP

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