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Tartan Army Casualty

From Soccernet.com

Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Dundee duo in Bucharest smash

Dundee's two Scotland internationals have escaped unhurt from a car crash in Bucharest.
Gavin Rae and Lee Wilkie were in a taxi travelling from a pre-season training camp to a sponsors' reception in the Romanian capital.

Young team-mates Lee Mair and Steven Robb were also in the car when it collided with another taxi in a back street.

It is understood the players' taxi driver had got lost and misguidedly reversed into a one-way street.

Wilkie told thedees.co.uk 'I'd say the car we were in was a write-off and the other one was not much better.

'It was quite a shock when the crash happened. The drivers were gutted about their cars, but we were just happy we got out okay.'

O you who turn the wheel and look to windward, consider Phlebus, who was once handsome and tall as you.

Total Posts: 1158 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 4:58 pm on July 23, 2002 | IP
Andy Gray

An Italian ex-management duo were seen running from the scene.............


Total Posts: 1781 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 4:08 am on July 24, 2002 | IP
alan breck

Looks like another Italian job?

DUNDEE star Nacho Novo has been left battered and bloodied after being beaten up by bodyguards in a 4am Bucharest casino bust-up.
The Spanish striker, 22, was involved in ugly scenes in the Romanian capital on Sunday night.
Novo - a £100,000 buy from Raith Rovers this summer - bagged the Dark Blues' goal in a 1-1 draw with hosts Rapid Bucharest before the players hit the town after being let off the leash by new manager Jim Duffy.
They were invited to a party by the Astoria Casino, sponsors of the tournament Dundee are playing in.
But the night turned sour when a worse-for-wear Novo bumped into the Cypriot owner on his way out in the early hours of the morning. His minders feared their boss was under attack and waded in to PUNCH the Dens Park star.
Journalist Theodora Maftei, who broke the story in Romanian paper Adevarul - which means The Truth - was at the bash and witnessed the latest violent clash to darken the club's image.
She told SunSport: "I was in the casino and left at 4am to go home with two friends.
"Outside I saw a lot of people surrounding someone on the ground. It was Novo. I tried to help but he was an angry and nervous man.
"One of my friends ran to his car and took water back and we tried to help him to clean his face, which was covered in blood.
"Later I helped call a cab to get Novo back to the team's camp. He didn't look drunk, but, for me, he had clearly had a few drinks."
When news of the incident spread yesterday the organisers of the international tournament took bizarre measures to BAN local journalists from watching Dundee's match last night.
Novo had recovered to score the winner against Rapid Bucharest's feeder team Electromagnetica, but guards surrounded Dundee's base at the Sportiva Pro Rapid camp to restrict Press access.
Another Romanian reporter, from the daily sports paper Prosport, was angry at being banned from watching the clash against the Second Division side.
Costin Stucan said: "Around six journalists who have been covering the tournament were not allowed in to watch the game.
"We don't know why, but it seems they are worried about photographers taking pictures of Novo or reporting further news on the situation."
Last night the marketing director of the Casino Astoria, Loana Ardelean, admitted the bust-up to reporters.
She said: "We are sad that this should happen."
Dundee have been haunted by violent off-the-field incidents since the arrival of the foreign legion under the now axed Ivano Bonetti.
SunSport exclusively told how a Paraguayan security man saved the life of Argy striker Fabian Caballero after he was battered senseless in a brawl on the street in La Asunscion.
Chinese defender Fan Zhiyi was also involved in a road rage attack in Shanghai after he went home to join Zhongyuan Huili on loan.
And then out-of-favour Italian midfielder Patrizio Billio claimed that he'd been head-butted outside Dens Park.
But Dundee insist this latest incident had been nothing more than a minor skirmish.
Chief executive Peter Marr said: "It lasted all of a matter of seconds and was dealt with very quickly indeed.
"The player was uninjured in what was only a minor skirmish and we would hope it has not spoiled what has been a tremendous trip.
"We have been treated like gods over here and are eager that under no circumstances would we wish to embarrass our hosts.
"The Romanians have given us a marvellous welcome and nothing should be allowed to take the shine off what has been a wonderful visit to their country

Total Posts: 441 | Joined Feb. 2002 | Posted on: 9:13 am on July 24, 2002 | IP

Opinionated Wind Bag
While not trying to cast any aspertions on our friends in Aberdeen I thought it hilarious that when Gavin Rae was interviewed about the car crash, Gav (who was brought up in the Granite City) only commented on the fact that after writing of his cab the driver still wanted them to pay the fare. A canny lad I think!!!

Unhook the West Port and let him gae free
For it's up wi' the bonnets o' Bonnie Dundee

Total Posts: 212 | Joined Mar. 2002 | Posted on: 10:24 am on July 24, 2002 | IP

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