Trip Report - Austria - AUG'96

WC Qualifying Match away to Austria, August 1996
Trip Journal by Anon ? in Stirling ?

Here is our little Austrian Tale.

As we could not get a flight from Glasgow to Vienna we had to go from Manchester to Munich and then hire a car from Munich to Vienna. Easy. First off we couldn't get a car because none of us had a visa card so it was off to the Banhauf in Munich to get the train via Salzburg to Vienna.

By the time we got to Salzburg we had drank all our duty free and were happily tanning the on board trolley for all it's drink and having a mega card school with flags draped in the cabin. By the time we hit Vienna we were pished and didn't have a clue where our campsite was, so we commandeered a bus which took us to the front door just in time for setting up the tent in pitch darkness. It was then off down town for a swally and find where the Bermuda triangle was for the next day.

The day of the match provided ample opportunity for drinking and finding fellow Stirling Albion supporters around Vienna. Off to the match, missing the first fifteen minutes and then back up to Bermuda triangle for serious fraternising of Austrian burds.

Woke up next morning in a strange hotel thinking at first that I was my pals house in Stirling before realising i was on my holidays in Austria.

Hells bells. I put my kilt on and went back to the campsite to find a scene from acopolypse now with scots strewn everywhere, and willys hanging out of funny places. eventually made it back to Munich then back to Manchester and Stirling.

And I only lost a sweatshirt and a hat. no bad. Next stop Cyprus, Sweden, Minsk

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