Tartan Army - Pictures - 1st Page

Tartan Army - Pictures - 1st Page

Some Pictures perhaps of interest to the Tartan Army

This page has been set up with the intention of showing a few pictures of the Tartan Army. Pictures are copyright and may not be re-used or republished without the express permission of the Tartan Army Home Pages (or their original authors). For more information or to submit pictures for inclusion on this page, contact the using this e-mail link. Several pictures submitted by readers have already been included on these pages.

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Two delightful lassies - showing their support

Some lads in Paris during WC'98 being watched over by Zidane and Ronaldo

Come on doll, put this towards the church steeple fund (Prague '99)

The style police have been called (Dublin '00)

The Dutch Tartan Army with high style marks (Netherlands '00)

Enjoying the Guiness in Dublin's fair city

Craig Brown Meets The London Scots

Commemorative Plaque at Site or the Murder of William Wallace in London

Clearly a taxi to avoid using when in London!

Some London Scots at Estonia-Latvia Border Crossing, September 2000

Footsoldier with video camera, Athens December 1994. The Scots were treated to flares, sharpened weapons (e.g. death stars) being thrown into their section and verbal abuse. Probably one of the most intimidating atmospheres to be experienced anywhere. For the Greek hooligans that were there, you are a bunch of Malakas yourselves!

Two Scottish Sex Gods, Sarajevo, Bosnia 1999

Young Fan with broken arm at Pittodrie, Aberdeen at Match vs Faroe Islands, October 1998

Fans celebrate at Scottish Club in carney, before the friendly match vs. Columbia, May 1998

Pub Crawl To Stade Geofrey Guichard, St Etienne for World Cup 1998 Match vs Morocco, June 1998

William Wallace (Mel Gibson) watches over Scots en-route to stadium, Prague, June 9th 1999

Scotland 2008 Flag On Holiday in Venice, October 2000

North of Italy Tartan Army at San Marino 2000

Some sad days for the Engerland !!!
Its time to get Mollered !!!, EURO'96 SFs (Local - 47 KBytes)
Maradona leaves Shilton for dead !! (Local - 71 KBytes)
Maradona and his 'Hand of God' (Local - 170 KBytes)

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