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The Haggis Supper Internet Column

A regular column 'The High Tech Supporter' appears in the Haggis Supper Fanzine that looks at a range of Web Sites of potential interest to Scotland fans. You should have some fun browsing through some of the sites that have been featured. Please note that web page addresses do change from time to time and pages are occaisionally discontinued.

All of the web addresses on this page were correct at the time of Haggis Supper going to press. However, no regular checks will be made to ensure that this remains so. If you note that an address no longer exists, send an and let us know.

All issues, up to and including Issue 12, in October 2001.

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 12, October 2001

The column that follows Scotland 'on the net'

The High-Tech supporter welcomes you to Issue 12 of Haggis Supper. We yet again scour the host of Tartan Army related web-sites for interesting things. Don't forget that you can access an on-line version of this and all previous issues at

TA Club and other General TA Sites

Many sites are now starting to build up large and impressive galleries of trip photos. A site started only this year (and run from Amsterdam) has now a wide array of photos at Pictures abound on the EASTA web-site at There are pictures of the Tartan Army wedding in Brussels and plenty other stuff about the mad EASTA travels. The Sarajevo Tartan Army web-site at has more photos coming onto it all the time (including Glasgow and Brussels). And true to form, Simon's pages continue to provide extensive evidence to show of the escapades encountered on his travels (see

A new site has sprung up in Germany at Following the sad events in the US, we can confirm that all of the New York based TA lads ( are OK The Netley Abbey veggie tartan army have moved to their own .com domain - Recently started too is the NOITA (North of Italy TA) web-site. There is also a new look at and the Belgium Tartan Army (BELTA) have now surfaced in this modern world,

There is an ever increasing Australia and new Zealand Tartan Army at Now there are 4 drunken exiles.

Remember the fire engine that entered the Grand Place in Brussels on matchday? Those lads are now on-line at Be warned however by this text from their site "Disclaimer: We are not trained firemen. Anyone calling 999 will get professional help from dedicated fire crews. Anyone calling us out probably won't".

And finally, try cruising into the fledgling Swindon Tartan Army site at

A list of links to all known TA sites is maintained on the Tartan Army Home Pages at

General and Travel

An excellent site for comprehensive Scottish historical information is found at

Several video clips of Scotland 2002 WC qualifying goals can be downloaded from This is a massive of football video clips worldwide.

"Gai Paris, Gai Paris….". End of March 2002 sees Scotland back at Stade de France again. A good hotel site is found at

If you want a slightly less depressing view of Scotland's world ranking, there is an alternative to the FIFA ( one at

Music fans will be sad that Napster has now gone but in it's ashes have come and and music can still be downloaded from each of these sites. And for the best Scottish folk band around, go to

Buy On-line

There is still a range of Tartan Army stuff available through and more items being added all the time (e.g. pheasant feathers are now for sale).

You can buy the lads in Glen Lachart a pint. is how Glen Lachart's wives keep tabs on their men. Or, if you're looking for Scottish gifts, why not try

Bizarre Sites

Some bizarre news about England beating Germany can be found using this link No explanation is possible. Wanna get it off? Sign up at and you just might. Fancy a non-tartan, durable working kilt? should be able to help out. Get yer hilarious Glasgow banter at

To nominate any sites for inclusion in the column, send the web address to by e-mail. Awrabest, ScottK,

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 11, July 2001

There was no internet article in Issue 11 (July 2000).

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 10, March 2001

The column that follows Scotland 'on the net'

The High-Tech supporter welcomes you to Issue 10 of Haggis Supper. This issues article is a busy look at some web-sites of possible interest. Don't forget that you can access an on-line version of this and all previous issues at

TA Club and other General TA Sites

The Scotland 2008 home pages continue to promote the fans desire to host EURO 2008 at Information about the activities of ATAC (the Association of Tartan Army Clubs) and minutes of meetings are available here too. There also is a new e-mail list set up to discuss 2008 at Send an e-mail to to join the list.

The message boards on the Tartan Army Home Pages and Ezzy's Scotland pages have been merged to provide a central location for Tartan Army discussions. You can find the board at There are 3 forums on there for the time being (general TA discussion, a travel forum and a Scotland 2008 forum.

The West Lothian based Sporran Legion are now on-line at where you can read about the antics of the regulars at the Seafield Arms Hotel.

Airdrie Tartan Army (based in the West End Bar in Airdrie) is now born and on-line on

The England based (near Southampton) Netley Abbey Tartan Army recently sprung themselves on-line at

A complete list of all known TA sites is maintained on the Tartan Army Home Pages at


Do you want a Tartan Army piper at your function? Some members of the Badenoch and Strathspey Tartan Army (BASTA) will meet your needs. Find them at

Our Southern neighbours have set up an England supporters web-site. They seem to be quite open minded and even have a Scotland page on the site. They address of the site is (but is didn't cross the line) and obviously they DO harp on about '66. If this isn't enough, find out the bollocks that agent Crozier is leading at

Scottish folk band Gaberlunzie are very popular among the TA. Their music is available on-line from where you can buy their CDs with tracks such as the 1320 song and the Happy Hooligans of Wembley.

If you are confident of qualifying and rich, you can apply for tickets for the finals of World Cup 2002 in Japan / Korea at

Probably the most comprehensive set of links to live and off-line sources of football results world-wide is found at

You can find some videos of 100 of the world's most celebrated goals on-line at where not only is the Hand of God goal available but also Gemmills goal against NL in '78 but also Maradona rounding Shilton to eliminate Engerland in 1986.

The Beach End Buster site examines Aberdeen FC and a whole host of Scottish things. It is certainly worth a look at (it is best with your speakers switched on).

Find some useful information about Poland on or

Buy On-line

If you want to have yourself a TA club flag made up, the Fife based company Stenhouse are on-line at A 15ft by 7.5ft flag with a fair bit of lettering costs around 200 quid and the quality is good.

Bizarre Sites

Nothing to do with football but simply brilliant is

There is a bloke in the States that must have the most bizarre set of hobbies conceivable at . He even likes the corries in between knitting a choral activities!

Loads of urban myths can be scorched at Great site.

To nominate any sites for inclusion in the column, send the web address to by e-mail.

Awrabest, ScottK,

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 9, January 2001

The column that follows Scotland 'on the net'

Welcome to the High-Tech supporter column from Issue 9 of Haggis Supper. A complete mix of links of possible interest are covered in this article.

TA Club and other General TA Sites

The URL for the long running Tartan Army Home Pages has recently moved onto a new domain at Lots of TA related stuff, links to almost anything TA on the net, a small on-line shop and lots more.

If you haven't done so already, register your support for a Scottish bid to host EURO 2008 at

Yet more TA web-sites are springing up. A few of the newer ones are listed here but a full list of TA web resources is available on the Tartan Army Home Pages (

Stephen Smith has started a page about "Scottish International and Domestic Football" at It is a fairly basic TA web-site with some results and other information from the past 6 or 7 years. Further updates are promised however.

The Cambeltown Tartan Army are a regular travelling bunch who undertake TA activities and travel from their base in Cambeltown. Find out more about them at E-mail contact is .

The Vancouver Tartan Army (VATA) are one wing of the several Canadian TA travellers. Their web site is E-mail is through Sean Sneddon (chairman) on . There are lots of pictures of their 20+ members (in various conditions!).

The Bosnian Tartan Army in Sarajevo has made his own Tartan Army tribute web-site. Mirza made friends with some of the TA during the 1999 visit to Sarajevo and has been following Scotland since then. The web site is at

The New York City TA are now on-line at

Poland "Here We Come"

Only very limited information is available on-line about the forthcoming Polish friendly venue "Bydgoszcz". One of the few English language sites about the town is Find out where on earth the place is at


Italian Scottish Society have a site at - you can even get yourself a copy of the 'Wallace News' all the way from Rome!

The HQ of the Tartan Army in Paris is found in the Marais quarter. The Pure Malt ( is a true Scottish place where footsoldiers Jon and Stevie will be happy to serve you a range of whiskies, beers and even Irn Bru!

On-Line Gallery

Super-scoreboard have begun to try to build an on-line gallery of Tartan Army pictures at However, a careful look at the images on this page reveals that they have lifted (borrowed or stolen?) several their existing images from other Tartan Army web-sites. With issues of Internet copyright and libel always in the news, perhaps super-scoreboard could be in for a nice surprise!

>Buy On-line

In the last issue of Haggis Supper, we featured several web sites that sell Scotland replica. This time, we point you towards the on-line offie known as "Last Orders". You can buy beers, wines and spirits on-line at Orders are delivered directly to your door!

Bizarre Sites

The article wouldn't be complete without reference to a couple of weird sites. So here goes…

Always a great favourite is the Wembley Park site at where the English take the mickey out of themselves. Every few weeks, hilarious new videos and games come along. Ever wanted to slap Beckham? Then go to

"Tongs Ya Bas!" is an interesting site which chronicles the history of the Glasgow Gangs of decades gone by. James McGowan invites you to browse at .

For pure "Toilet Humour" (you'll see what we mean!), a site not to be missed is found at: So many pull down options...

Finally, a cry of "gaun yersel's lads" for the movement seeking English Independence. They have a site at

To nominate any sites for inclusion in the column, send the web address to by e-mail.

A Happy New Year to all…

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 8, September 2000

The column which follows Scotland 'on the net'

After a brief break for the rather busy Issue 7 of Haggis Supper, The High-Tech Supporter is back with another review of things to see and do on-line.

TA Club and Personal Sites

Yet more TA web-sites are springing up. A few of the newer ones are listed here but a full list of TA web resources is available on the Tartan Army Home Pages (address at end of this article).

Probably the most topical site is the "Scotland2008" site at It has been set up by ATAC (Association of Tartan Army Clubs) to promote the bid. You can voice your opinion in the guest book or click to vote in support of a Scotland bid. Another (commercial) web-site has a specific 2008 forum and comment from many people on the possible bid at Some clubs and supporters groups to bring themselves on-line recently include HTA at, Nottingham based "Notts Scots" at, the Tap Shop TA (Mid Calder) at, the German Tartan Army (GERTA) at and the Australia & New Zealand TA at to name but a few.

A new TA "Message Board" forum has also been set up and is proving to be quite a popular resource. Point your browser to where you will find 2 dedicated TA forums, one for general issues and discussions and one for travel information and issues.

Another resource that has been growing for some time is the Tartan Army Mailing List. Started in 1996 with a small group of about 20 regulars, the mailing list is now hosted at an automated list-service. It now has over 120 members and average daily traffic of about 25 messages (although the digest option is available where these messages arrive as one single message daily). Membership is free and the only pre-requisite is that you are a regular TA footsoldier and / or a member of one of the TA clubs. For more information, contact .

World Cup 2002 Information

Serious "statos" and those interested in all of the WC2002 qualifying confederations will enjoy reading about all the news, reports, results and coming fixtures for all confederations in the world at

A bit closer to home and a look at the web-resources for Scotlands opponents in the qualifying group. Several have English language web-sites available.

The Croatian FA have an English language site on-line at (E-Mail: ). There is plenty info on Croatia, Croatian footballing hoistory and recent status. The site also contains some good pictures.

The San Marinese FA have an Italian language only site at which is very basic and not much use.

An English language version of the Belgian FA site is available and gives some good information about their national squad at

The Latvian FA don't appear to have their own web-site but do have an e-mail address which is .

And the big boys are of course on-line, including the Scottish FA at, FIFA at and UEFA at

Buy Kit On-Line

You can buy various football and rugby kit on-line at who will promise next day UK delivery and free delivery over a certain order value. Other companies do the same thing so it is wise to compare prices with the direct comptitors such as or consider some of the old style tops that are marketed by Toffs at

Bizarre Sites

The article wouldn't be complete without reference to a couple of weird sites. So here goes…

The site at needs no explanation really and nor does Finally, find more childish stuff at and a wee giggle is available at

More sites to come in the next issue of Haggis Supper. To nominate any sites for inclusion in the column, send the address to .

Awrabest, ScottK

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 7, August 2000

There was no internet article in Issue 7 (August 2000) due to lack of space.

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 6, May 2000

The column which follows Scotland 'on the net'

Welcome once again to The High-Tech Supporter. We have once again compiled a set of interesting sites on the web. This issue is pretty much a mixed bag.

TA Club and Personal Sites
- Recently formed William Wallace Tartan Army (WWTA) are based in Ayrshire and have approximately 80 members. They have recently got themselves on-line and lots of info can be found at
- Some (fairly limited) information about the Dutch Tartan Army (DTA) is now found at The Queen Vic pub in Valkenburg was the scene of considerable mayhem and partying during the recent match in The Netherlands and worth a visit (cheers lads!).
- The West of Scotland TA (WESTA) have recently re-hosted their web pages to
- For statos, a new site has been developed that contains a fair bit of statistical information from Scotland matches during the past 5 years or so. It is found at:
- The London Scotland Supporters club (Lunnainn Albannaich) have re-hosted their web-site to Some significant revamping of the site are promised - so watch this space.

World Cup 2002 Information
The Japanese organising committee have a web-site at You can get loads of info about almost any aspect of the 2002 WC over there. Theres even monthly updates available in the 'JAWOC News' magazine. The Korean copycats have a similar site (KOWOC) hosted at and of course their own magazine as well.

- A good, but somewhat wacky at times, Scottish football web-site was recently revamped. Surf into to uncover the real truth - It's "The Dogs Bollix".
- Ever tried to find images of players or other graphics on-line. Worry no longer, a huge library of images can be effectively searched by clicking one the 'Images' tab at leading search engine Alta Vista at For example, type in 'Dalglish' and you are immediately presented with 20+ images of King Kenny and his lad.
- If you want to find out whats happening South of the border, surf on into the web-site for the supporters of our loveable neighbours at They have a guestbook if you wanted to leave any comments or goodwill messages for them for EURO2000!
- The coming trip to Ireland is bound to be a Craic. Wives wanting to check on their husbands can assign a time for them to go to O'Connell bridge in Dublin and wave to them. The WebCam on the bridge updates every 10 seconds. Log on to
- Many readers will have visited or more of the Dubliner chain of pubs during trips to any of the Scandinavian destinations during recent years. You can now rekindle some of those party nights and even download a Dubliner screen saver from their web-site at
- Although not specific to Scotland but you might like to try Sky Sports web site at It maintains a fairly useful breakdown of all of the games in Euro 2000 qualifying games as well as a huge range of domestic stories and reports. It has an on-line results service (just add … soccersaturday/) is reputed to supply up to date scores during most games (not only UK domestic ones either).
- What we keep seeing on web sites and discussion lists are requests for information on where people might get a feed of specific matches. Although based mainly around the North and Central American continents, should those based there should find this of great use.

Bizarre Sites
The article wouldn't be complete without reference to a couple of weird sites. So here goes…
Those characters of the game are seldom forgotten. The unofficial Frank MacAvennie site is now on-line at Wherzawraburdz?
More bizarre still, you can now send people farts through the Internet! Log on to and create the fart of your liking. Ideal to kill the atmosphere on the bus for those long away trips.

More sites to come in Haggis Supper Issue 7. To nominate any sites for inclusion in the column, send the address to . And don't forget to buy me a pint in Dublin - I'm the one with a kilt, drinking a pint of Guinness! ScottK

Note, all previous Haggis Supper 'High-Tech' articles are now available on-line at the Tartan Army Home Pages -

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 5, February 2000

The column that follows Scotland 'on the net'

Welcome once again to The High-Tech Supporter. We have once again compiled a set of interesting sites on the web.

First of all, let look towards the coming World Cup qualifiers. Most of our opponents have their own official (or sometimes unofficial) web-sites.
- The Croatian Football federation have a web-site at There are lots of stats and info about their national side (you can look at past results - which have been quite impressive, if somewhat hot and cold). You may be interested to note that don't always play their matches in Zagreb, a range of other venues including Split and Rijeka have also been used for quite a number of matches.
- The Belgian FA also have a multi-lingual site at However, they not surprisingly really, are concentrating on the coming Euro 2000 finals matches for the time being.
- There is an unofficial Latvian football site with quite a few stats available (but not much more) on Nothing official located so far however (at least nothing in English language).
- You can find information about almost anything to do with San Marino at However, this is fine if you like stamp collecting, motor racing or sightseeing but crap if you want to find football information.

TA Club and Personal Sites
- The newly formed EASTA (East of Scotland Tartan Army) have got a web site too on Its fairly basic just now but they're only new. If you are a regular from Dundee/Angus/Fife, then get in touch with them.
- LTA are now on-line at - thats the Luxembourg Tartan Army by way. Nice bunch of lads.
- A footsoldier named Ezzy has also put some pictures of some trips and some other Scotland info on-line at They are starting a review of the opponents for the World Cup. Also new on the web, you can get some very suitable Tartan Army wallpaper from

- Not Scotland again but an excellent site for footie fun is the web-site for the Northern Ireland fanzine 'Oor Wee Country'. Lots of good stories and information available on They sound like as big a bunch of nutters as us!
- They say you can buy anything on-line. You can replace all those lost or damaged Highland Dress accessories for that next away game, or indeed buy a full kilt outfit at They even provide comprehensive details on how you can measure yourself. Only problem is that the price is a bit steep. Mind you, its cheap when you consider that £1,500 would get you a pure cashmere kilt outfit at the Cashmere Kilt Company on (just the job for sleeping rough and spilling beer all over while on tour - eh Dair?).
- And for the more bizarre side of life. Female footsoldiers annoyed at their need for a 'sitty downy' toilet and all the annoyances that can bring may be delighted to find there is now a compact and easy commercially available device available on that will allow you to pee standing up.
- A useful site if Craig Brown does bring back drunken Duncan (that's if Duncan does even want to come back), we will all need to visit

SFA On-Line
Finally, some of you may have noticed the SFA web site at has been considerably revamped and extended. For an organisation that has dragged its heels in keeping up to date with technology, its not too bad.
An interesting new feature is a searchable archive of information about Scotland international matches. They say they are still building the database and it currently spans 1970 to 2000 but… "This database will continue to grow, eventually stretching right back to the first international in 1872". It includes team lists from most of the games (with captain), attendance, match referee, H/T & F/T. It also shows yellow and red cards picked up in each game but this is mostly incomplete.
Other sections include forthcoming international fixtures, current international squad(s) information and player stats, latest news (which is reasonably well updated). There is the obligatory link to sponsors such as Scottish Gas, lists of dodgy Scottish referees, coaching, affiliates, the museum at Hampden and some SFA publications. The publications bit is not that extensive and is basically a scan of each separate page of the annual report scanned in as a graphic - no attempt to provide the file in .PDF format or similar!!
The site also gives information about the Scotland Travel Club and takes its first tottering step towards the modern age - you can get an STC application form on-line! Sadly however, the technology stops there, you have to print the form out, fill it in manually and post it to the SFA along with your cheque!
All in all, the SFA site is coming along. They appear to have intentions for further improvements so we'll watch it with interest.

More sites will be featured in the next issue. To nominate any sites for inclusion in the column, send the address to

See youse all in Arnhem, ScottK
P.S. All previous Haggis Supper articles are now available on-line at the Tartan Army Home Pages -

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 4, December 1999

The column which follows Scotland 'on the net'

Welcome to the 4th edition of The High-tech Supporter in this, the 4th issue of Haggis Supper. Far from running out of novel places to visit on the net, we haven't got enough space to print all of them. Thanks to those who wrote in suggesting sites to feature. There's quite a mixed bag for this issue.

World Cup 2006. Of course there is a lot of time between now and then but if you don't fancy the 2006 World Cup being held in England, you have ample opportunity to surf into the German Football League site at and register your support for their bid through their on-line petition. Click on the 2006 logo the rest as its in German otherwise.

The West of Scotland Tartan Army (WESTA) have recently started their own web-site ( We look forward to more stuff coming onto that site.

A novel and free e-mail service is now being provided by Network Scotland (an Internet Service providing company) that allows you to obtain an e-mail address in the form ''. All you have to do is to go to and enter your chosen name and your current e-mail address in the following box. All e-mails to your e-address will be automatically forwarded to you.

Ever wondered where people get hold of these really old Scotland tops? Well, many are purchased on-line. You can buy Scotland replica tops (almost any replica tops really) from decades gone and order a catalogue on-line at the Toffs web-site at

A novel new web page has been started recently. No, not the Hall of Fame but the Hall of SHAME. Tam T. Bam has posted some pictures from trips that people may wish had not been taken (lets face it, you wish most pictures had never been taken). If you recognise anyone in the Hall of Shame (, let Tam T. know and he will make sure their identity is made known. It must be Big Al wearing the flag!

OK, not a Scottish site but you may be amused by the site of Sydney based Marconi FC on Apart from having one time Scotland hero Dave McPherson (aye right!) playing for them, they have a wonderful song book which will keep you amused for hours.

Music next. Ever wanted a copy of that 'Tartan Army Anthems' CD? Every Scotland team song from the past 20 years can be purchased on-line for just a tenner on Drive to work to melodies like 'Easy Easy', 'Ally's Tartan Army' and 'We Have a Dream' - its drives you mad eventually.

You may like also to visit one of the smaller TA web sites, That of the Newtyle Tartan Army (Membership = 1). A footsoldier has posted some pictures of his trips to Paris and Prague to the web on

What is your point caller? What's this, promoting the BBC you say? Well yes - at least its more objective than the fabricated dross we get in our daily newspapers. Footie fans in general will be interested to note that the BBC are now making the Off the Ball radio show available on-line at Great for ex-pats or if you cant get to a radio. They even promise to have a WebCam operating in the studio (although perhaps sound only is preferable if Tam Cowan is there). Its on every Saturday lunchtime and early evening.

Finally, the Wembley Park site has yet more hilarious cartoons on view. You must bookmark

That's all we have time for in this issue. We shall be compiling more stuff for you for the next issue. If you would like to nominate any sites you think should be featured in this column, send an e-mail to .

Article prepared by ScottK,

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 3, September 1999

The column which follows Scotland 'on the net'

Moving on from the second issue of Haggis Supper, here are a few web sites that we thought might be fun to feature in this issue:

Language is NOT a Barrier

Ever had trouble making yourself understood while 'on manoeuvres' in foreign climes? You need worry no longer. An excellent web site: TravLang (at provides translation services and other travel advice. As well as translating dictionaries for a multitude of languages, it also contains useful information about current exchange rates and hotel accommodation. The beauty of it is that it's free!

The best bit about the whole thing is that it contains interactive lessons in about almost any language you can imagine (it was about 70 at last count). All you need is modem and a sound card and you will be able to hear exactly how all sorts of greetings and other day to day phrases are pronounced. It includes Bosnian and Estonian. Surf into to check it out.

Favourites with the Scotland Fans

For those who hold our heroes as Scotland fans in high regard, here are a couple of web pages that you may enjoy.

The Diego Maradona Home Pages devote a huge amount of web space to almost any aspect of the great mans life and escapades. Written in (what could only be described as rather choice) English and Spanish, you should be amused by the long stories about the players rise from the ghettos to soccer super stardom ( How many of you knew that Maradona scored his first international goal against Scotland!

At the Internet site of web page designers, the Apple Agency (, you can find an excellent cartoon caricature of fans favourite Jimmy Hill himself. We don't think his chin is really that long. The web site also contains several other amusing contemporary caricatures such as Gazza and the like.

Football in Bosnia

A web site ( allows you to look at the most recent activities in Bosnian football. As well as a resume of the results and a (so far quite short) history of the national team (these lads are certainly no mugs and have beaten Denmark and Italy in recent years), you can also examine the current status of the Bosnian league competitions and cups. There are actually three national championships: the Bosnian, Hercegbosna and Republika Srpska Championships.

Wee Red Book

Oh so fond memories of resolving pub arguments about past matches and statistics by delving into the wee red book for the answer. Well, now they have entered the high-tech world and are on-line and their web site can be found at ( As well their developing the complete history of Scotland matches (its still be written), you may like to click onto the games to remember section where they have a good injection of nostalgia (the most recent one was 1967 when England scored 2 Scotland scored 3).


To wrap up this issue, there a list of famous football banner slogans from years gone by. It starts with the infamous Jimmy Hill ditty but has a few more hilarious ones ( as well.

That's all we have time for in this issue. We shall be compiling more stuff for you for the next issue. If you would like to nominate any sites you think should be featured in this column, send an e-mail to .

Article prepared by ScottK,

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 2, June 1999

The column which follows Scotland 'on the net'

Following on from the article in the first edition of Haggis Supper, here is another set of web-sites to inform and hopefully amuse you.


An article in Issue 1 identified some of the Tartan Army supporters clubs that are springing up these days. We decided to give you the URLs for those clubs with web Sites:

Lunnain Albanaich - the London Scotland Supporters Club, have their own site ( Here, you can find membership details, contact details, stories from old club newsletters. You can also order yourself a 'Loony Alba' T-shirt 'on-line'.
NOSTA (North of Scotland Tartan Army) provide lots of info about the club ( covering membership and some tales of their travels as well as info about coming home and away trips. Make sure your speakers are switched on so you can listen to 'Carnival de Paris' while you read!
DTA (The Dutch Tartan Army) ( have an embryonic home page which contains only a brief description and contact / membership details at the moment. More is promised.
The recently formed TAP - The Tartan Army in Paris have just started their own embryonic web pages (

So what about EURO 2000?

A few EURO 2000 sites are now up and running. A couple of them are listed here for your delight:

The official UEFA site ( contains considerable material, not only on the status of all of the EURO 2000 qualifying groups (including the U-21s) but on all other UEFA competitions.
Don't be fooled by surfing into because you will soon find out that they are only interested in the introduction of the Euro currency to Europe in the year 2000. You really want to visit where you will find reams of information on purchasing Euro 2000 match tickets (there is a ticket application form on-line).
The Scottish Football web site has information, good statistics and all the recent stories and reports on Scotland's progress in Euro 2000 (

What are we up against?

Some of the other teams in our qualifying group are on-line. A few of the URLs are listed here briefly:

Lithuania. A fans personal site gives plenty of statistics for Lithuanian international matches ( The Lithuanian Football Federation also have some very basic info at
Estonia. The Estonians don't seem to have much on-line about their national side. However, some basic statistics can be found at
Bosnia. Some basic Bosnian statistics are also available at
Czech Republic. Quite a bit of info about Czech football (with a whole section devoted to their national side) can be found at
Faeroe Islands. A private site on Faeroese league and national footie can be found at

Secret Lives

Some little known facts about one or two of the players can be found on the Internet:

I doubt if Craig Brown would like everyone to known about his 'other' life as a political activist in Massachusetts ( Another sideline he appears to maintain is a multi-million pound contract as the sole supplier of all on/off and modulating butterfly valves in the North of the USA ( He wears a wig though to avoid recognition.
Another teaser is how Tom Boyd has been hiding his secret life as a top telecommunications consultant for the past 15 years ( Go Tom!


Finally, here are some more tit-bits to wrap up this issue:

Euro 2004. What you say - we haven't even had Euro 2000 yet. Well, the contenders are already bidding to host the 2004 European Championships - Spain, Portugal and a joint Austria-Hungary bid (
We have been reliably informed that the e-mail address of the Danish referee during the England vs Argentina match during the 1998 world cup is .
Not strictly Scotland national team related but amusing. Exclusive: Marco Viduka can now be contacted on-line at : .
The unofficial 'Scottish International Football Archive' contains full listings (including scores, scorers and teams) for all Scotland matches since the 1950s ( It's great for solving those all to common 'down the pub' arguments about who scored with 2 minutes to go in a friendly in 1962.
The Hoddle web site (formerly at, one of my personal favourites, has moved to I guess this is probably a result of the departure of Hoddle. Anyway, keep an eye on this one - the cartoon strips are great.

That's all we have time for in this issue. We shall be compiling more stuff for you for the next issue. If you would like to nominate any sites you think should be featured in this column, send an e-mail to .

Article prepared by ScottK,

The High Tech Supporter, Issue 1, March 1999

The column which follows Scotland 'on the net'

As many fans are already aware, there is a wealth of information published on the Internet about football and an extensive 'on-line' supporters community using it. This column highlights a range of Internet sites and forums where Scotland fans can find both serious and amusing information.

Lets start by pointing you towards a dedicated site, known as the Tartan Army Home Pages ( is a personal site, maintained by a supporter (the author of this column!) on a non-commercial basis. It contains a wide range of match reports, forthcoming fixtures, travel information for forthcoming fixtures as well some more fun things like song lyrics and jokes. For example, you can find full listings of Scotland's players of the year for the past 20 years (including Maradona, Brolin, Pearce, Waddle, Southgate, Batty and Beckham !). This site has been running since 1996 and is now becoming quite a serious mine of information.

The SFA ( maintain their own web-site which contains a lot of useful info such as detailed statistics about all current national team squad players, a monthly newsletter, details of the Travel Club and the SFA travel agents (Scotball) and a range of other activities addressed by the SFA.

At the SFA site, you can also download a full size poster image of the 1998 World Cup squad that can be used as a fetching desktop backdrop should you so desire. However, as far as I can tell, this is the one where they superimposed Neil Sullivan's head onto Andy Goram's body. A fair swap?

Now, what about the teeny bop fans. To check out the action, I suggest logging on to find out who are 'The Hunks of the World Cup' ( Note: Page no longer available). A sixteen year old girl in Brazil has written about all the World Cup Hunks and would you believe that our very own star of the show is John Collins who gets his own home page as he is the personal favourite of young Carolina ( Although the English is not always great, you can get to know quite a bit more about John and get to see pictures of his sweet smile and rippling muscles as you do so! However, how on earth that babe killer Zinedine Zidane !?! managed to get into the nominees does suggest that Brazilian tastes are varied to say the least!

Now, they say don't knock the English in some Tartan Army circles. But we can now reveal that they are knocking themselves. For pure entertainment value, you simply must surf in to the 'Wembley Park' ( web site where you will find a most irreverent look at Mr. Hoddle (now Keegan, Ed) and his team. You can find out the real reasons for England's eventual elimination during the World Cup as a gripping cartoon story, you may subscribe yourself as a 'Hoddle helper' and play the David Beckham game on-line (this consists of pole-axing Argentinians as they drift across the screen!).

Apart from having some good match reports and pictures from Scotlands matches over the past year or so, 'Simons Scotland Pages' ( have some rather amusing aspects. You can also try pissing on the St Georges cross and a personal favourite is a photo montage of Chic Young joining (rather well too) into the party spirit(s) at the Nimeta bar in Tallinn on the night before 'the game that never was'.

Just a few other tit-bits to chew on to wrap up this issue:

The official France 98 ( remains on-line should there be any statistics or virtually anything about the world cup that you might want to brush up on or ask why the hell their ticket allocation strategy was so inadequate.
FIFA ( maintain their own site where you can find details about forthcoming and recent fixtures, press releases and of course the world ranking statistics.
So when do we get back to Hampden and what will it look like? Now you can - there is a nice montage of photos of the New Hampden now on-line ( published to the web by a (the?) Dumbarton supporter.

That's enough of a taster for this outing. In the next issue, we will look at another set of pages which should amuse. If you would like to nominate any sites you think should be featured in this column, send us an .

Article prepared by ScottK

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