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I am hanging on waiting for confirmation or otherwise that I am getting official Scotland end tickets.

If I get my tickets I have available.......

Two tickets for Section 52, which I believe is right on the half way line on the side behind the dugouts. The tickets are in the top tier so the view should be good.
From posts in the Germany section I have noted that fellow TA occupy the seats on either side of these and many more besides in sections 51, 52 & 53.

The two tickets have a face value of 55 euros each.

I paid 80 euros each plus 30 euros post and packing.

I do not want any more for these than my money back (providing I get tix in the lucky draw).

If anyone is interested in securing first refusal on these two tickets for 190 euros please message me an we can sort things out.

Bell's afore ye go............

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