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        Cheap flights to frankfurt hahn
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Tam Ritchie

Opinionated Wind Bag
Ryanair are doing return flights from bournemouth  to hahn for£33.68 return, hope this helps anyone in the south of england

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean there isn't someone out to get you

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Ryanair fly to bournmouth fae prestwick, so it could be maybe worth it taking the connecting flights and save a bit of cash.

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Davey Boy D

Fresh ideas

You can get a return from Prestwick to Hahn for around £85 for the game. The trains over there are magic so you'd probably only be about 2 hours or so away from Dortmund.

There's loads of options but they're all going quickly now the game is getting a bit closer. You should have been a smart w*nk like me and booked up last year. Air Berlin.com is the game! Flights we got for £60 are now £350! They're not slow to catch on those Gerries.

Ya wee Fokker ye!

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Fresh ideas
Have you looked at the location of Hahn airport.  Its about 1.5 hours on a bus from Frankfurt (12euros one way)and 2.5 hours from Cologne (15euros one way).  http://www.hahn-airport.de/index_e.php
I checked online for the price of the return train between Frankfurt and Dusseldorf and it was approx 120euro each. Ooucchhh. It was on the high speed train.

We are hiring a car and driving to our hotel in Dusseldorf.  Someone has to stay sober until we get there!!!!!
Breakdown of travel so far:
Ryanair from Stansted to Hahn (Tues-Thurs) £15return each
Car approx £30 each (there are four of us)
3* VIP Hotel in Dusseldorf approx £40 each for 2 nights inc breekie
Train to Dortmund for game 20-30Euros each
No idea how we are getting to Stansted yet?
Anyone want to get me a ticket for the match?  I just don't trust the travel club.  Well you can only ask

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buckfast warrior

for stanstead get a virgin train first class glasgow to london [free booze] then tube or bus to stanstead easy!


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