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Something to say
everything ok with robbie
he will have to wait until later for some buckie

Total Posts: 53 | Joined July 2003 | Posted on: 10:51 pm on Sep. 2, 2003 | IP
C Mc


Cheers mate, but i'll be okay getting stuff across. Appreciate the offer though

It's only 12 football shirts and 10 tshirts. i'll get someone else to carry the irn bru.

I'm going to call the SFA about penanats and some SFA carrier bags to make it all look more official (at the moment they'll be getting stuff in Tesco bags) - anyone know who i should phone?

C Mc

Total Posts: 693 | Joined Dec. 2001 | Posted on: 1:09 pm on Sep. 3, 2003 | IP
TA Ealing

Best bet would be Andy Mitchell Head of Communications.  Always been helpful to me.  Andy.Mitchell@scottishfa.co.uk or 0141 616 6028

Benbecula Tartan Army - sponsored by the 3pm Crofters


Total Posts: 3222 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 1:19 pm on Sep. 3, 2003 | IP
Notma Ainname

Fresh ideas
Just spotted this on a Dortmund web site.  Nice to see the Sunshine Appeal getting a mention.


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The world may not be shaking,  YET!

Total Posts: 49 | Joined Feb. 2003 | Posted on: 9:12 pm on Sep. 7, 2003 | IP

Talks too much
Fantastic stuff guys, wish I was going even more now!


Total Posts: 125 | Joined Feb. 2002 | Posted on: 3:25 pm on Sep. 9, 2003 | IP
bridie boy

How did it go Carey?  I didn't hear anything about it.

Fully paid member of the Tommy Scott TA

Total Posts: 715 | Joined Mar. 2002 | Posted on: 11:22 am on Sep. 12, 2003 | IP
Tartan Sheep

It seemed to go pretty well - even though the weather put a bit of a dampener on thing (putting it mildly). The Germans seemed very impressed with the whole Sunshine Appeal thing and the kids looked great up on the stage. I've got a few pictures, but my camera doesn't appear to be playing the game today so I'll need to wait till later to get them up on the web.

Well done to Carey, though, for all the hard work getting it organised, and to the kids who gave such a good impression of Scotland

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If we join, we can win. If we win, well then we'll have something we've never had. A country of our own.

Total Posts: 2231 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 12:20 pm on Sep. 12, 2003 | IP

Well done Carey for getting this organised.

Totally lost track of time on Wed afternoon and didn't realise until 3 o'clock when it was too late so couldn't make it up.

Deprived Western Fringes Tartan Army
Tommy Scott's Tartan Army

Total Posts: 2138 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 4:39 pm on Sep. 12, 2003 | IP

Something to say
big thank you fi robbie
proud dad
well done everybody

Total Posts: 53 | Joined July 2003 | Posted on: 10:35 pm on Sep. 12, 2003 | IP
Mick North Croy


Carey isn`t back yet, he will, I`m sure post here when he gets back.

All the kids ( Scots & German ) had a wee meeting beforehand in the town hall ( where it was nice and dry ), they were then led by a piper ( forget his name) and piped onto the stage.

The whole presentation was conducted in both languages to the audience, with explananations, and the cheque was presented to the organisers. The german kids were given Scotland t-shirts and the Scots kids were given goody bags donated by the DFB.

The organisers of the charity were genuinely grateful  for our donation.

Well done to everyone who has donated to the Sunshine appeal  

Carey will fill in with more details soon.

Mick.   Support the TAMB  Sunshine Appeal  

Total Posts: 1975 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 5:04 pm on Sep. 13, 2003 | IP

It was excellent to witness a Sunshine Appeal presentation first hand (at last!) - great effort from everyone who did things to make it happen - I was certainly proud to be Scottish when watching it.

Myself and mingin also took some scarves/hats/nessies in easter egg toys etc. over and dished them out to kids in the square too.  Their faces just lit up in the pishing rain when they saw what they got.

Great day.

I'm dribbling Irn-Bru.......

Total Posts: 652 | Joined Feb. 2002 | Posted on: 8:39 pm on Sep. 13, 2003 | IP

Opinionated Wind Bag
Sorry folks the engine couldn't make it. but a last minuet problem ment we had to go by car. Hope it all went well.

Beast of the Tartan Fire Brigade

Total Posts: 173 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 10:57 pm on Sep. 13, 2003 | IP

I was there in the square and saw the presentation.

Well done C Mc, Fella and all the others involved.

MacMirza fae Sarajevo TA

Total Posts: 1488 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 8:22 pm on Sep. 14, 2003 | IP

Couldn't make this personally as I was stuck on a train at that point.
I did hear however that whilst the rain came down in torrents there was no way it was going to spoil the pleasure of all the children who were present.
Well done Carey what a pity more didn't manage out from under the big umbrellas in the square with the pubs to see this.
Does anyone know if the pre match entertainment that was lined up went ahead during the monsoon???

TAMB Sunshine Appeal show the true face of the Tartan Army remember "one beer less" can make one hell of a difference
The future is bright the future is Scottish

Total Posts: 2526 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 3:10 pm on Sep. 15, 2003 | IP
Fionas the Burd

Opinionated Wind Bag
I hope Tartan Sheep doesnt mind but i have pinched a link to one of her pictures from the photo section with a pic of all the kids on stage. Great stuff.


Fionas the burd....  I'm the Wife!

Total Posts: 222 | Joined April 2002 | Posted on: 11:26 pm on Sep. 15, 2003 | IP

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