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        Hear the one about the Scotsman who swapped his kilt
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No. Well it's true.

On the afternoon of the game, we (The Guernsey Tartan Army) were approached by quite a tasty looking policewomen. She had  a bet with her fellow officers back at the station that she couldn't get a kilt of a scotsman.

Anyway, apart from my normal kilt, I had bought a "casual" kilt a year or so back at a cost of only £30 and had never worn it. My mate was making use of it for the Germany game.

We made a deal with the girl. "You have the kilt, if we get the hat, jacket & trousers of a policeman". The deal was agreed and the swap was done in the back of the police wagon

Attached are photos:

1. The girl in a jimmy hat and me

2. The girl in the kilt (& trousers)

3. My mate Brian minus kilt but in regular policeman trousers and a police beret we also got

4. Me with Gerry helmet

I'll try & get a pic taken with full uniform & post later.





One lion on my shirt/Channel Highlanders

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