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Ally Macabre

More Than Words
Following on from all the other threads debating this to death I thought I'd impudently start a new one - just to annoy Kernie and CUFC!

It'll be a major bonus if it winds up Maurice Mann as well - he's a right sour b*st*rd who has no right questioning chips on our shoulders...

Anyway, did anyone watch the documentary about Pele the other night? Think it was at the weekend.

An old England player was reminiscing about the 1970 World Cup and the England v Brazil tie. He said, quite openly, that Sir Alf Ramsay told him before the game that if the game was ten-a-side England would have a real chance of winning... If Brazil lost Pele and England lost him, then the tie could be won.


Hypocritical effing wenkers! Fortunately football was the winner and Brazil won the Jules Rimet trophy for a third time. (It would have probably been four in a row if Portugal hadn't kicked Pele off the park in 1966, but that'll probable be put down to sour grapes on my part).

'Mon the DANES!!!!!

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Total Posts: 1502 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 10:25 pm on June 13, 2002 | IP
Mick North Croy

I saw that too,

it was Alan Mullery who said that,

Owen, watch out !!!!!
Stig is gonny get ye !!  

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Total Posts: 654 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 10:34 pm on June 13, 2002 | IP
Tartan Army Casualty

Bloddy hell Ally, I haven't heard anyone use impudent for years.

And Owen DIVED for that penalty

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Total Posts: 1019 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 12:01 am on June 14, 2002 | IP

Yeah, didn't actually happen though, did it?
Everyone cheats at everything, all the time. No one likes to talk about their own cheating, as I learned watching hour after hour of German football commentary last year. There's no mystery. Sure Owen cheats, ironically he didn't cheat for that thar penalty the other day - I genuinely believe it was a foul. Swings and roundabouts.

one cross

Total Posts: 1092 | Joined Nov. 2001 | Posted on: 12:51 am on June 14, 2002 | IP

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