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Gemmills Goal

Here's a nice wee story...

Sales of Argentinian wine have dropped by 16% in England ahead of today’s World Cup clash, a supermarket chain said today.
Safeway said there was a big fall in demand over the last 48 hours, but in Scotland sales were up 22%.
A Safeway spokeswoman said: “The old rivalry between England and Scotland is obviously still alive and kicking.”
The company said it had also seen sales of Japanese products increase since the start of the World Cup.
Sushi sales were up by between 8% and 10%, while demand for Japanese beer Asahi has increased by 8%.
Tesco said sales of sushi had risen 15% since the start of the World Cup.
The supermarket giant also reported demand for mouth-wash and fresh-breath products had gone up 25% – a rise it put down to England fans planning to watch today’s game in the pub but not wanting their bosses to know where they had been.
Asda said sales of Argentinian wine had remained steady in England and Wales but were up 15% in Scotland.
The supermarket said there had been a similar rise in sales of corned beef north of the border in the past three days.
An Asda spokesman said it had also renamed a product ahead of the Argentina game.
“We have renamed our onion bhajis Argie Bhajis in earnest for the match,” he said. “The reason being that they are best knocked in with your hand, something that the Argentinians know a lot about.”
Sainsbury’s said sales of Irish products had increased since their win yesterday.
Guinness and Murphys both jumped by 100%, a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said.

We're football fans first and foremost, hedonists, boozers, whatever - lets not lose sight of that.

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