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Gemmills Goal

On another thread there was some healthy banter about Ikea. But someone had the audacity to suggest that the Ikea name was meaningless. this has deeply offended those of us with Scandanavian affections.

For the record Ikea stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnard. The first two words are the initials of the company's founder, the third word is for the farm he lived on and the final word is the name of the village where he grew up in.

God bless him!

(Edited by Gemmills Goal at 9:00 am on Feb. 27, 2002)

We're football fans first and foremost, hedonists, boozers, whatever - lets not lose sight of that.

Total Posts: 815 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 9:57 am on Feb. 27, 2002 | IP

"this has deeply offended those of us with Scandanavian affections."

gg, Don't you mean afflictions....

Three vermillion snakes of female face. The smallest motion, filled with grace.
"Rael welcome, we are the Lamia of the pool"

Total Posts: 1356 | Joined Dec. 2001 | Posted on: 10:07 am on Feb. 27, 2002 | IP

One and Only!
I thought it was Swedish for
"come and run the gauntlet with the devil oh weak one"

cos I tell ya, it's the bloody hardest challenge I have ever had, going round the Wembley IKEA ona sunday afternoon! how I didnae hit anyone I'll never know!

Quia quamdiu Centum ex nobis viui remanserint, nuncquam Anglorum dominio aliquatenus volumus subiugari.

Total Posts: 2133 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 2:37 pm on Feb. 27, 2002 | IP
Schneker KTA

Talks too much
Nothing to do wi the thread jist wantinh to see if a can wurk the emos

"Awa oot fur a quick pint hen" Lord Lucan '74

Total Posts: 114 | Joined April 2002 | Posted on: 7:17 pm on April 22, 2002 | IP
Lost It

I thought Ikea was the Swedish for "missing two screws and the instructions...but quite moderetly priced"

Or at least it should!

(Edited by Lost It at 9:28 am on April 23, 2002)

Scotland First !!!Your'e a lang time deid!!

Total Posts: 284 | Joined Mar. 2002 | Posted on: 9:28 am on April 23, 2002 | IP
Andy Gray

Don't mention that Hell-hole, the wife's reading this.


Total Posts: 983 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 10:17 pm on April 23, 2002 | IP

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