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Big Loon Kev


Quote: from ReekySporran on 11:22 pm on Oct. 1, 2003

Quote: from Lamia on 11:07 pm on Oct. 1, 2003

Quote: from ReekySporran on 11:01 pm on Oct. 1, 2003
If you have removed the offending posts, then surely Google wont find anything on the TAMB?

I'd let go of this one just now if I were you and investigate the workings of google before getting back with your apology....

Eh, what apology Lamia? I'm only asking a question, although with the new heirachy in place this seems to be a hanging offence

heh reekie i think shes trying to make this point....

Google has "looked" at the tamb and will remain with that image logged into google untill google "looks" at the page again (or google manually howk it out of their listings)

The threads may indeed be gone - but google will retain an "image" of it till some point in the future

hmmm - im bollocks at this explaining lark!

A Founder Member of the "Pistol Pete" Piano Bar Tartan Army
Official Photographer of the EASTA Waterpistol Militia
"Magic Darts!"

Total Posts: 1352 | Joined Oct. 2002 | Posted on: 12:03 am on Oct. 2, 2003 | IP
Hawkeye Ranoo

I don't ken how serious things are but people should be more careful about what they post in future, or we are going to end up with no board at all.

Why do I always get the wee leg when the family has a haggis for tea

Total Posts: 4532 | Joined Feb. 2003 | Posted on: 12:05 am on Oct. 2, 2003 | IP

One and Only!
There's careful, there's messin aboot and there's accusing individuals of rape...

fingers crossed the fowks in question have learnt their lesson!

I am sure I am not the only one who disnae want te be a TAMB widow/er

Dundee philosopher Christian "fu**ing" Daillys views on German tactics, Sept 10 2003

Total Posts: 6023 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 12:15 am on Oct. 2, 2003 | IP

Something to say
I was one of the "few non thinking users". Are you saying we should not have an opinion, view or guess on any subject unless we seek legal advice first. I thought any views expressed on this site were by an individual and not neccessary that of the website. I have said on other threads , a player had a crap game, joked about ally McCoists personal life, etc. Most of these topics could  be challenged legally. Most of these weren't removed by BIG DADDY, so why this time. What happened to freedom of speech. I don't think me or others on this site is going to influence a jury/high court trial. So why has my view been removed.
I do understand the reason for closing the site on the short term and applogise to other users for maybe fuelling the fire(which i doubt).
On these occassions coundn't we have a situation were members only could log in.

Total Posts: 76 | Joined April 2002 | Posted on: 12:51 am on Oct. 2, 2003 | IP
buckfast warrior

someone has mentioned names, now slagging someone for being crap is 1 thing but rape is another so if a players name has been brought up they have to sue for lible to prove there own innocence.
I know what I wrote personally, alot of shite aye, but I never wrote any names, remember the media read the boards, including this one.


Total Posts: 1596 | Joined Jan. 2003 | Posted on: 2:25 am on Oct. 2, 2003 | IP

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