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        How many Scotland games have you been too?
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first game was sweden at ibrox back in 97 i think it was.
the next game after that was san marino at home in 2000.
since then i've been to all home games except the nigeria game at pittodrie and also the latvia game at hampden.
in total i've been to 15 games in total, 4 of them away games.

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Total Posts: 1844 | Joined May 2002 | Posted on: 10:41 pm on Sep. 22, 2003 | IP
Ally Boy

Opinionated Wind Bag
First game was against Poland at Hampden in a pre world cup 90 warm up match

Mo Johnstone and a Gary Gillespie own goal

Been going to just about every home game since 94


Total Posts: 232 | Joined Jan. 2003 | Posted on: 11:28 pm on Sep. 22, 2003 | IP
Hawkeye Ranoo

Sometimes one game too many, other times not enough, the joy of following Scotland.

Why do I always get the wee leg when the family has a haggis for tea

Total Posts: 4532 | Joined Feb. 2003 | Posted on: 11:40 pm on Sep. 22, 2003 | IP

as far as i can tell i have been to 26 games - including 5 away, but to be honest i might have missed a few out in that.

best result - 2-0 v France 1989
worst - 0-1 v Costa Rica 1990

Total Posts: 554 | Joined Oct. 2001 | Posted on: 1:10 am on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP


Quote: from TA Ealing on 9:16 pm on Sep. 22, 2003

Quote: from wrighty on 6:46 pm on Sep. 22, 2003
Cheers Colin, am looking forward to my boot being re-united with your arse next month!

Will you be at the ferry?!  I won't be...

I'll find ye, ya wee bugger!


Total Posts: 1979 | Joined Jan. 2000 | Posted on: 7:46 am on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP
dane fae dundee

Opinionated Wind Bag
been to about 10 home games and been to 1 away game. but still only 15. ask same question in 10 years time,


Total Posts: 171 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 8:21 am on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP

Fresh ideas
only bin to home games but im hoping tae get travelling soon. am only 17.

make my day

Total Posts: 3 | Joined Sep. 2003 | Posted on: 9:01 am on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP
true wallace

Fresh ideas
proberly about 15 - 20 home and away

Total Posts: 3 | Joined Sep. 2003 | Posted on: 11:08 am on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP

Opinionated Wind Bag
My first was v Spain in 1965 (Billy Bremner's debut) a nil-nil draw. My first Scotland v England was 1970 a nil- nil draw (the first for a hundred years)!! Since then there have been many times I've thought "If only we could hing on for a nil-nil draw!!" but we don't. I don't know how many games i've see, it would be great to sit down one day and work it out.

the bad news: we didnae get it. The good news: Austria/Switzerland here we come!

Total Posts: 212 | Joined Aug. 2002 | Posted on: 11:14 am on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP

Fresh ideas
good shout, Scotty.It has nothing to do with rank and every voice counts.Not everyone can afford money or time off work to travel to the away games,though most would, given the chance.People going to their first match sing as loud as the rest of us and are always welcome.
I am proud to see how much the numbers have swelled in the last 5/6 years especially to the far flung places.

1st game: home v Italy (late 60s)
1st away: away v Wales (1977 Anfield)

jist ane mair swallie eh....

Total Posts: 37 | Joined Nov. 2002 | Posted on: 12:31 pm on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP
Pawn Star

Something to say
Best read to the tune of the New World symphony (Hovis advert)

First game was Scotland V England under 16s at Starks Park in 198hazey.

We cycled five miles to Kirkcaldy, stopped off at the General Store on Links Street for essential supplies (Cola Bottles and Sherbit Dip), cycled up the brae and pad-locked our bikes to a lamp post on Pratt Street. We then sneaked around the back of the ground and climbed over the wall to gain admission Ah, those were the days when stadiums were real and not wee plastic boxes.

The toothbrush must have been invented in Kinghorn. If it was anywhere else it would have to be called a teethbrush

Total Posts: 70 | Joined July 2003 | Posted on: 3:46 pm on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP
Wee Al

Fresh ideas
Agree with Nev and Scotty CTA's comments, however being a sad anorak i worked out that the Faroes was home game no. 100. Surely makes me a  TA 5 star general!
Looking forward to Lith games as much if not more than many of the others really believe we're turning the corner.

Whatever happended to...... Bertie Vogts?

Total Posts: 28 | Joined Nov. 2001 | Posted on: 5:56 pm on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP
Gregor The Flyer

Something to say
10 away - 1st Netherlands in Arnhem
home games don't know. my dad took me to my first one when i was 6 or 7, that's 20 years ago!

Total Posts: 81 | Joined April 2003 | Posted on: 8:57 pm on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP
evertonian scot


Quote: from TA Ealing on 4:13 pm on Sep. 22, 2003

Quote: from wrighty on 4:03 pm on Sep. 22, 2003
first home game 1975, first away 1977.

Some saw blokes in the record saying germany was there fiftieth game, well i dont know how many I've been too!

But I know plenty that have been to a lot more than me, for instance Ronnie McD has been to over 100 AWAY games!

1977 - did you go to your first game when you were 50?  Leaving it late were you not?

Colin Looks deceive, When he took over from me in the Neath Ordnance Survey Office in 1985 he was only 23. So he must be at least 40 now

The Wee Midges Website
Alex Young - The Golden Vision

Total Posts: 723 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 9:21 pm on Sep. 23, 2003 | IP

First was as a young lad against Austria in '68.  Law & Bremner scored.   Won 2-1.

dream on...

Total Posts: 395 | Joined Feb. 2002 | Posted on: 11:03 am on Sep. 24, 2003 | IP
Big Mick

First game was against Brazil in the late eighties and have managed to see some fantastic teams since and some right pile of sh1te as well. Have missed only three home games since the Czech republic game in 1999.

All of this is irrelevant though, as we are all one big happy family, whether you are at your first game or your hundredth game.


Total Posts: 908 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 11:29 am on Sep. 24, 2003 | IP

My first game was against the CIS/USSR at Ibrox.  Terrible game and absolutely freezing too.  Got hooked on the SFA stats site - suprisingly poor attendances at home games when we were doing well.
Date:  06/02/1991
Tournament:  Friendly
Venue:  Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Attendance:  20,763
Half-time Score:   0-0
Full-time Result:   0-1
Manager:   Andy Roxburgh  

"Don't just stand there.....get it up the park!"

Total Posts: 765 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 11:59 am on Sep. 24, 2003 | IP

Something to say
My first was against San Marino in the 92 qualifiers.

We won 4-0, but due to the fact we'd never been to Hampden before, my mate's mum was driving us and I was sitting wi a map in the back we managed to get lost and miss the first 2 goals!!!

My one and only time on the old 'North Terrace'; I just remember the overwhelming reek o'pish fi the toilets and wondering how the famous ole' QPFC press box didnae fall of the roof of the main stand!!!

Total Posts: 68 | Joined Mar. 2003 | Posted on: 12:38 pm on Sep. 24, 2003 | IP
john b lyons

Been to so many I ran out of tears years ago!
First game I really remember going to was Scotland v Cyprus in 1969 WCQ when we won 8-0. Don`t know how many games I have been to but never missed an England - Scotland game home or away since 1971.
Been to world cups in 1974 (Germany) 1982 (Spain) 1990 (Italy) - Got my pocket picked in Turin and lost ALL my money. 1998 (France) + Euro 96.
When I start counting up the cost I could be living in a mansion with a Rolls Royce for a `run a round` BUT WOULD I BE HAPPY  

Tartan Army Sittingbourne (Kent) - all one of me !
Nemo me impune lacessit !

Total Posts: 625 | Joined Mar. 2002 | Posted on: 9:53 pm on Sep. 24, 2003 | IP
brian scott ritchie

Fresh ideas
first gameat home was poland in 89 but had been to a couple of games at wembley before that dont know how many in total i should count all my ticket stubs or programs but sounds like hard work looking through all the dif boxes.


Total Posts: 37 | Joined May 2003 | Posted on: 4:02 am on Sep. 25, 2003 | IP

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