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Hiya Folks

Wee debate here, Who do you think out of the new faces will be in the squad tomorrow for Denmark?  I Think this will be Berti's strongest squad yet with Cameron,Sullivan,Burley,Ferguson,Lambert, All in.. out of the new faces from the friendlies and far east tour, i think Dobie,Kyle and Ross will also be in.

What faces that maybe haven't been given their chance yet will be in the squad?

I'd like to see wee maloney in the sqaud, i've been raving about him since last year and he's finally coming through and he looks class, he 's been fantastic in the friendlies for celtic and will hopefully get a chance with the tic at somepoint this season..

I'd like see McNaughton, Williams, Included aswell to our squad..

Total Posts: 343 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 10:28 pm on Aug. 11, 2002 | IP
William Wallace

I'd like to see McFadden in the squad, but it's probably too early for him.

McNaughton definately, I think he proved himself in the Nigeria game.

(Edited by William Wallace at 10:36 pm on Aug. 11, 2002)

Scotland Forever England 0 - 1 Scotland (Wembley '99) Hutchinson (39')-------We're bought and sold for English gold.

Total Posts: 650 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 10:35 pm on Aug. 11, 2002 | IP
Ally Macabre

More Than Words
No surprises tomorrow.

The squad announced will be the backbone of the team for the qualifiers, with maybe a couple of new faces getting a chance in the October/November/February friendlies.

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Total Posts: 1755 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 10:42 pm on Aug. 11, 2002 | IP

I think DiCanio will be called up!!


Total Posts: 503 | Joined Mar. 2002 | Posted on: 10:56 pm on Aug. 11, 2002 | IP
Tartan Army Casualty

Bet Derek McInnes gets a call up.

O you who turn the wheel and look to windward, consider Phlebus, who was once handsome and tall as you.

Total Posts: 1158 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 3:15 pm on Aug. 12, 2002 | IP

Opinionated Wind Bag
I agree wi ye there TAC.  Well if I was a great manager (12th in TAMB SPL fantasy football league ) thats whit I would do.

I bet that young laddie fae Motherwell gets left out anaw.

and by Plane, Train or Taxi...........

Total Posts: 187 | Joined July 2002 | Posted on: 3:24 pm on Aug. 12, 2002 | IP

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