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Larky Masher

Something to say
10 years ago a half decent Junior team would've beaten Korea, in fact they would've beaten Scotland yesterday, however they've advanced and we've been treading water. But this was just a friendly, it was to  large extent a B team and the process of finding players to inlcude and exclude ( a longer list after yesterday) for September continues. On the positive side a centre forward scored a goal and we've got another BIG centre foward to call on, something we've been needing for years.

Below is a report on the game from the Guardian Fiver e-mail report, I know it from an English paper but I thought it was accurate and funny in bits.


This afternoon, eleven Scotland players proudly pulled on their new
kit and marched out onto a pitch in Busan to play World Cup co-hosts
South Korea in a friendly. Unfortunately, the pinstripe design of
their fancy shirts must have confused them, because instead of acting
like professional footballers, they waddled around in the manner of
some corpulent businessmen who had all just enjoyed a particularly
hearty pub lunch.

The team lost 4-1, and included the likes of Gary O'Connor (Hibernian
or maybe Dunfermline), Scott Dobie (er...), Maurice Ross (tum-te-tum)
and Gary Caldwell (now we know this one, no sorry, it's gone again).
They were simply thrashed out of sight, for the scoreline in no way
flattered their talented hosts, who went ahead in the 13th minute
through a Lee-Chun Soo goal and never looked back (apart from to
laugh disdainfully). The Scots didn't even have a shot until the 41st
minute, and even that was more of a mis-hit cross. Things got even
worse after the break, when goals from Jung-Hwan Ahn and Jung-Hwan
Yun (2) rather rudely made their visitors look very poor indeed.

However, Scotland fans can take heart from impressive debutant Dobie's
goal, scored in the 74th minute after... oh who are we trying to kid,
this really was hellish. "It was not good enough for international
level," agreed Berti Vogts. "It was not what I wanted. I was very
disappointed, especially in the first half. The players were looking
a bit tired but I don't know why." We don't know either, but would
suggest narcolepsy is the least of little Berti's problems. With Euro
2004 qualification looming, Scotland need to get their act together
and quick: their next fixture but one is against the Faroe Islands.

(Edited by Larky Masher at 12:06 pm on May 17, 2002)

Total Posts: 74 | Joined Oct. 2001 | Posted on: 11:54 am on May 17, 2002 | IP

Next ficture but three, but hey! whos counting???

Take his point about the fact that we had lots of players most english people wont have heard of. I still think we shouldnt worry till the Denmark game in August. Bertie should know who he wants in the team then and we should see a near on full strength side in preparation for the Faroes and Iceland If we get gubbed in august, Thats when ill start worrying!


Total Posts: 1864 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 12:04 pm on May 17, 2002 | IP
John D

Fresh ideas
I've waited 36 hours to let my thoughts gel and the humiliation has not waned.  That was easily the worst performance by any Scotland team in any sport!  My 5 year old can tell Weir's shite - why can't Berti!  As for Gemill "Play me or I retire" - **** retire then!  No plusses from tonight - not even Ross who played well for 80 minutes but  nearly sold two goals in the last 10.  The only players who have played their way into the starting eleven are the ones who haven't turned up.  I only hope we're not going to scale new troughs against South Africa.

Total Posts: 16 | Joined Oct. 2001 | Posted on: 12:23 am on May 18, 2002 | IP

You do sound like John Doe - give it till Novemeber and then coagulate your boiled blood!

When up they gat, and shook their lugs, Rejoiced they were nae men but dogs; An' each took aff his several way, Resolved to meet some ither day.

Total Posts: 2223 | Joined Jan. 2002 | Posted on: 12:26 am on May 18, 2002 | IP
mr shangalang

eureka!, i've got it..we clone the 1967 squad....that'll do nicely! (if it worked for dolly the sheep...)

Total Posts: 437 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 7:44 am on May 18, 2002 | IP
Will TFB

Something to say
Just thought I'd bring this back to the top.

Do we feel any better now that they've beaten Poland, Portugal, Italy & Spain?


Total Posts: 69 | Joined April 2002 | Posted on: 10:22 am on June 22, 2002 | IP

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