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Talks too much
I am doing my dissertation at uni and am thinking of carrying it out on the use of corporate financial techniques in the planning of major sporting events.  Now that the little gimp Jack has scuppered our bid, I know 2008 is a bit of a touchy subject but I am interested to find out if it is a feasible topic to study.  I am interested to find out if anyone knows who would be the 'big cheese' in financial terms of the 2008 bid and also our attempts to get the Ryder Cup to Scotland.
I will contact the names given on the website, however the board seems an ideal place to find out information otherwise unavaliable.  I would be grateful for any help anyone could offer.  


Total Posts: 104 | Joined Oct. 2001 | Posted on: 4:22 pm on April 16, 2002 | IP

Nae problem Snoddy; I have emailed something I found on the web, and I found some more. It is amazing what one can find on the web.

Even 'Jack McConnell is Cool' personal web site! and again

MacMirza fae Sarajevo TA
Alba Gu Brath - Scotland Forever

Total Posts: 586 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 8:55 pm on April 16, 2002 | IP

Just had a look at the 'UJ is cool' site. Somebody's takin the pash ootae him big style! Could do with pittin the boot in a bit mair though....

Total Posts: 313 | Joined Sep. 2001 | Posted on: 11:58 pm on April 16, 2002 | IP

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