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-- Posted by shinglis on 12:42 pm on June 16, 2003

Ok so shoot me now, but I had forgot that my STC membership expired in Dec02.. Just sent off my renewal but now concerned that I have missed the interest for ticket form. Here's hoping they send the note of interest form with my new ID card :-)

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-- Posted by footsoldier on 10:27 am on June 17, 2003

Phone them up to make sure.  I only applied for renewal two days before Lithuania game ticket applications were due back and was fine.  

Still not received card but get all the forms, so don't wait for card just make sure they've received application and ask for them to mail a request form direct.  

BTW, had completely forgotten about sending back note of intersest for Germany, so cheers for reminder :thumbup:

-- Posted by Oogyboogy on 11:30 am on June 17, 2003

I have also just sent off my renewal form, but when I phoned up to ask if they had received it she said they have hunners to go through.

Asked her if they could send the ticket form out, but she couldn't guarantee that those who have just renewed will get the forms.


-- Posted by ReekysBurd on 1:25 pm on June 17, 2003

The 'note of intrest' was on white paper so you could get a photocopy of someone elses and send that in (assuming that your STC number will stay the same when you did not renew straight away).

Worth a try anyhow....

-- Posted by Rabc on 2:29 pm on June 17, 2003

Theres still a good chance youll get your form.
Im like you and forgot to reapply.I sent my form away last Wednesday and got my note of interest form this morning,along with a letter saying my new membership card will follow in due course

-- Posted by Oogyboogy on 2:36 pm on June 17, 2003

Well fingers crossed then. I'll wait by the letterbox.

-- Posted by Oogyboogy on 9:07 am on June 18, 2003

Received my form today!

-- Posted by shinglis on 9:56 am on June 18, 2003

Phoned as discussed, and surprise surprise got the same answer about the number of renewals & number of new applications. No form in the post today but here's hoping.. I have been a member for last 6 years so hoefully that might help :worried:

-- Posted by shinglis on 8:33 am on June 20, 2003

Whey Hey :bigsmile: form arrived today with the deadline of 2nd July.

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