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-- Posted by Avochrover on 4:03 pm on Sep. 4, 2002

When we were in Prague I met a few guys from Fife, I think, that found cheap accommodation in Prague at £10 or less. Can anyone give me an address for similar priced such accommodation, which from memory was fairly central and near the river? e-mail addres would be brilliant

-- Posted by ron on 5:03 pm on Sep. 4, 2002

it wasnt the digs our mate got us they were so far away they were in hungary.there was digs above a brothel near the jaguar bar at four pound a night but cant remember the name,i had a card but i think i lost should be ok there is lots of small hotels just of the square and quite cheap to

-- Posted by The Kilt on 4:20 pm on Sep. 21, 2002

For the cheapest accomadation try an company called the International student Accomadation Service. They rent out flats in the city center. i have stayed with them twice. But I can not find the exact details.

-- Posted by the boykerr on 12:40 am on Sep. 23, 2002

avochrover,  dont know if ye really want a place near the river, most of the contents of the hotels down there will be floating down the danube tae the black sea!!

-- Posted by Shotts56 on 6:13 pm on Sep. 23, 2002

We stayed in Hotel Olea in a street called Americka - it was about 10 mins walk from Wenceslas Square, and off memory I think it was about a tenner a night.

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