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Thread Review for 6,680 TICKETS FOR DORTMUND (newest post first)
Mac Arora Posted on 6:32 pm on June 17, 2003
The German fa site has been selling tickets for West  East & South Stands and corners.  The site says that the North Stand is allocated for 'guest' .  At bundesliga games the away support is allocated a proportion of the North Stand.

The South stand is always for the hard core home fans and is dirt cheap.  Holds 25000 standing for bundesliga games.  They install 10500 seats for internationals.

I haven't found a breakdown for upper and lower tiers of the North Stand.  From pictures I would guess at about 5000 for upper and 2800 for lower.

ReekySporran Posted on 6:00 pm on June 17, 2003
a) Is it definate we will be in the Nord Tribune? if so....

b) Whats the capacity of the upper and lower tiers?
Mac Arora Posted on 4:30 pm on June 17, 2003
Again this might just be the party line coming down as 10% of the seated capacity of 67000.

It would also mean segregating both the upper and lower tiers of the nordtribune for 1100 home fans. Doesn't make sense to me.  I'm still hopefull we'll get the whole of the nordtribune (7800) although that will still not be enough.
Croy Tartan Army Posted on 4:23 pm on June 17, 2003
Claas Stein (Hamburg branch of Croy T.A. and Dortmund season ticket holder) has been onto his good pals at the club and has it confirmed that Scotland will receive 6,680 tickets.

It's up to the good ol' SFA to see if they can get us any more, but this is coming from a Dortmund official.

I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that Claas has got the Croy T.A. 4 tickets for the German end, if required.

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