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Topic: saturday night sing a long
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Thread Review for saturday night sing a long (newest post first)
kebab shop trawler Posted on 9:37 am on April 20, 2002
Would that be the fine US classic series of films that star women who are all quite close to each other??
denhaagdavid Posted on 12:26 am on April 20, 2002
will email us yer addres cos ahve got a video on cd to send you from mirza (nomans land)
Ruary Posted on 12:26 am on April 20, 2002
Davie we know on sunday a new masterpeice will be revealed......will I book its place already in the TA songbook second edition?
WillfaeSwindon Posted on 12:25 am on April 20, 2002

Is this the real life, is it the methadone?
Stuck in Maryhill, two bob for the telephone?
Open yer wine an' talk wi' a whine like me...
Ahm jist a weeji, gie us yer Sunny D
Coz I'll chib yer pal, rip yer Da, Slash yer dug, ride yer ma!
Anyway the clyde flows
Disnae really matter tae me....

Haw Maw, Jis chibbed some c*nt
Buckie bottle tae the heid,
An noo the feckin Batsa's deid!
Haw Maw, Ahm jist oan parole,
An noo im headin back tae Barlineeeeeeeee....
Haw Maw, ooooo oooo oooooooooo
Never meant tae steal yer purse,
But if im no full a smack this time the morra'
Kerry oot, kerry oot
An we'll go oan the better!

Its too late, the Bailiff's here,
Send shivers doon ma spine,
Gubbed 10 jellies jist in time,
goodbye all ma muckers, I've got tae go,
Got tae go rip some ****face up the scheme.
Haw Maw, ooooo oooo oooooooooo,
I'm a jakey bam,
I sometimes think I've never been washed at all.

I see a little silhouetto of a bam,
Adidas, Adidas, can yer get us a kergo?
THunderbird your lightning, very very frightning tae meeeee!
Twenty Mayfair, twenty Mayfair, twenty Mayfair and some skins,
Magnifico oh oh oh oh
I'm jist a vat boy, nae c*nt loves me,
Hes jist a vat boy, fae a vat family!
spare us a pound fer a wee cup a tea?
Get tae fock, skanky slob, will ye get a job?
Forfocksake, no! I will no get a job - Get a job!
Forfocksake, no! I will no get a job - Get a job! Forfocksake,
Will ye get a job? - Get a job!
Will no get a job! - Get a job!
Will no get a job! - Get a job!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no....
Oh gonorrhea! gonnorrhea! gonorrhea and the clap!
Then doon the pub, has the barman put aside for me?
For me, for meeeeeeeeee?

So ye think ye can slash me and pish in my eye?
So ye think ye can chib me an leave me to die?
Haw bawbag, cant dae the tae me, bawbag!
Jist wait till ahm oot, jist wait till ahm right oot ma nut!
Fock all really matters,
Any c*nt can see
Fock all really matters, fock all really matters to me!
Anyway the Clyde flows..........

Lamia Posted on 12:23 am on April 20, 2002
Another gem Davie..
denhaagdavid Posted on 12:18 am on April 20, 2002
am no joking ,by sunda thhe new lyrics will be up
fringo Posted on 11:59 pm on April 19, 2002
don't know if you're joking but just in case you're feeling inspired to write :

Goodbye Norma Jean, though I never knew you at all
You had the grace to hold yourself while those around you crawled

They crawled out of the woodwork and they whispered into your brain
They sent you on a treadmill and they made you change your name

Chorus :

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in
And I would have liked to've known you but I was just a kid
Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did

Other verses:

Loneliness was tough, the toughest role you ever played
Hollywood created a superstar and pain was the price you paid
And even when you died, oh, the press still hounded you
All the papers had to say was that Marilyn was found in the nude

Goodbye Norma Jean, though I never knew you at all
You had the grace to hold yourself while those around you crawled
Goodbye Norma Jean, from a young man in the twenty second row
Who sees you as something more than sexual, more than just our Marilyn Monroe
denhaagdavid Posted on 9:11 pm on April 19, 2002
ne1 got the wurs tae candle n the wind
Slinky Posted on 12:51 pm on April 19, 2002
TA Ealing Posted on 12:30 pm on April 19, 2002
Brilliant DHD!!
denhaagdavid Posted on 12:26 pm on April 19, 2002
Tartan Army Board Rhapsody (draft version)
Is this a message board
Is this an internet site
Call it whatever you like
Its something special to me

Turn on your pc, turn on your screen and see
26 logged in at nine twenty three
its userid, password, little posts, long posts
any length at all,doesnít really matter to me

Bzzz just posted again
Since 8:26 hes had over ten
Bzzzz has only just begun
Go to AOB,there posts Mick North Croy
Can someone explain it to all me
If Iím not logged in this time tomorrow
Post on ,Post on,the board can run without me

Too slow,my modems down
Someones at the door,Home deliveryís come just on time
Goodbye everybody,ive got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and eat my tea
Lamia,ooh I donít want to go
I really wish I could stay and talk

I hear a little beep on my PC
Davie the Cat,Davie the Cat,will you stop smiling
cheesy grin and beaming smile,very very frightening
(Mirza) mirza (mirza) mirza) Ian l and Ezzy
Administrators, everybody loves you
Were just bored and like to post things
Makes little sense like TA Ealing
Spare us oh please from Kernie
Englishman,Englishman,will you please go
Jimbers,No,we cannot let him go
(Let him go) Ruary we cannot let him go
(Let him go) Rossy we cannot let him go
(let him go) we cannot let him go
(Let him go)We cannot let him go (let him go)ah
(oh lamia,lamia)Lamia,let me go
Ally Macabre has made a cup of tea,for you,for you

So you think your funnier that TA Casualty
So you think fatter than Danny Divers
I think not, I donít think so at all
Just gotta keep posting,just gotta keep posting all day

Cause noone beats Bzzz,anyone can see
No-one beats Bzzzz
No-one beats Bzzz hes up to 1703
danny divers Posted on 10:35 am on April 19, 2002
hey denhag never said it was mine, i received it in an e.mail and just thought that it was relevant to this board!!!!!!!!!!!
Gemmills Goal Posted on 9:29 am on April 19, 2002
Great stuff danny - brings it all back so graphically.
denhaagdavid Posted on 8:28 am on April 19, 2002
ah but Bzzz,mine are originals,this is a rip off from Hale and Pace. I'm working on my new epic,reflections of paris to be posted soon.
fringo Posted on 7:22 am on April 19, 2002
Curry on with the great songs
Bzzzz Posted on 12:18 am on April 19, 2002
Thats class Danny!
Wish we'd had that one fer the Bristol game!

Ye've got competition fer the TAMB bard tho...
WillfaeSwindon Posted on 12:12 am on April 19, 2002
Had a Glasweigian Rhapsody some guy gave me, similar to the curry one.... will have to dig it out.
Ruary Posted on 12:09 am on April 19, 2002
Brilliant danny I will reserve a space for this one in the next edition of the TA songbook.
danny divers Posted on 12:07 am on April 19, 2002
indian curry rhapsody
naan, i just killed a man,
poppdom against his head,
had lime pickle now he's dead
naan, dinners just begun,
but now i'm gonna crap it all away.
naan ooh ooh ooh,
didn't mean to make you cry,
aint seen nothing yet just wait to see the loo tomorrow,
curry on  curry on
cause nothing really madras,
too late my dinners going,
send shivers down my spine,
rectum aching all the time,
goodbye onion bhajis, i've got to go,
gotta leave you all behind and use the loo,
naan, ooh ooh ooh,
the dopiazi is so mild ,
sometimes wish we'd never come here at all,


i see a little chicken tikka on the side,
rogan josh rogan josh pass the chutney made of mango,
vindaloo does nicely,
very very spicy,
byriani (byriani)
byriani (byriani)
byriani and a naan,
a vindaloo loo loo loo,
i've eaten balti, somebody help me,
he's eaten balti, get him to a lavatory,
stand you well back,
cause the loo is quarantined,
here it comes,
there it goes,
technicoloured naan,
i chunder,
it's coming up again,
no no no no no no no,
on my knees, i'm on my knees,
on his knees, he's on his knees,
this vindaloo,
it's about to wreck my guts,
poor me poor me poor me ee ee,


so you think you can chunder and feel alright,
so you try to eat curry and drink beer all night,
oh maybe, but now you puke like a baby,
just had to come out,
it just had to come right out in here.

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