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Topic: Bulletin Board Game
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Thread Review for Bulletin Board Game (newest post first)
CD Posted on 6:43 pm on May 29, 2002

England to beat Argentina or Jeremy Beadle in the shower?
Lionheart Posted on 6:27 pm on May 29, 2002
The bullet.

Will or Gareth (in front of same firing squad)
Sacks Posted on 6:10 pm on May 29, 2002
Smack round the heid!

Boyzone or Westlife (in front of firing squad)?
sammyboy Posted on 6:03 pm on May 29, 2002

Smack round the head, or kick up the erse?
CD Posted on 4:27 pm on May 29, 2002
small bottom

Widdiecome or Mowlam?
BARNEY Posted on 4:05 pm on May 29, 2002
A] Aneka

q]  Big Arse or small bottom
Andy Gray Posted on 3:00 pm on May 29, 2002
A. Larsson (he's 50/1 to be top goalscorer and i put 2 quid on him)

Q. Fried Rice or Anneka Rice?
WillfaeSwindon Posted on 12:12 pm on May 29, 2002

Larsson or Ljungburg?

(Edited by WillfaeSwindon at 12:15 pm on May 29, 2002)
craigclyde Posted on 11:33 am on May 29, 2002
A: Veron

Q:Henry or Trezeguet ( who'll score more in the world cup?)

WillfaeSwindon Posted on 11:05 am on May 29, 2002

Veron or Simeone?
The Lochwinnoch lad Posted on 10:38 am on May 29, 2002

Argentina top or Sweden top??
T Posted on 12:43 am on May 29, 2002
A. Umbro

Q. Addidas or Nike?
Fallons Brother Posted on 7:46 pm on May 28, 2002
A. Old Top

Q. Umbro of FILA
craigclyde Posted on 6:43 pm on May 28, 2002
A: Vieri

Q: old top or new top?

TARTAN SCOUSER Posted on 6:10 pm on May 28, 2002
condom,femidom's are always too big fer me !!!!

Raul or Vierie
HebridesBarEdinburgh Posted on 4:45 pm on May 28, 2002

Condom or Femidom
CD Posted on 2:53 pm on May 28, 2002

Seimans or Nokia
finlayhird Posted on 2:47 pm on May 28, 2002

who would you boot in the balls

beckham or ericsson
JimFaeKdy Posted on 2:00 pm on May 28, 2002
suffer cause it`s good fur ye

whipped or spanked?
sonny Posted on 12:34 am on May 28, 2002

hair of the dog or suffer cause it's good for yae?

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