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Topic: Top 10 TAMBers
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Thread Review for Top 10 TAMBers (newest post first)
The Spid Posted on 10:47 pm on April 19, 2002
Hey Alba, is that how you make up fer yer pay cut. A day off here, a day off there?
AlbaGuBrath Posted on 10:42 pm on April 19, 2002
Lamia, I guess I am just on a wee sunshine today. Would be glad to share it with you but... ask Francis if the weather over there will allow it

Craigie - you only sleep in your kilt, sleep in your kilt...

Anyway, Craigie, when you wake up, can you check the email I sent you regarding my flight search for Denmark game. Will tell at work that I was ill that day, or even dead!

Ahhhh, what a wonderful day!
Davie the CAT Posted on 10:34 pm on April 19, 2002
Addidas Samba.....
I can smell your feet from here........
Close your window's..........

No Bry there ain't.......
bry Posted on 10:27 pm on April 19, 2002
This was a home game Ruary.

Just hope that there isn't a Davina the Cattess out there reading this board.
addidas samba Posted on 10:24 pm on April 19, 2002
Mr CAT you are a SEX PEST


Davie the CAT Posted on 10:12 pm on April 19, 2002
Put it this way......
If the hotel had fell down(Which I thought might ).....
CraigieBrown would still be asleep..........
Lying on top of his bed, still dressed in his kilt and Scotland top.....
He also snores..........Which in a way kinda helped......
Ally Macabre Posted on 10:07 pm on April 19, 2002
when you say "laid to rest..."???

So, is Craigie a heavy sleeper, or are you a quiet little pussy??? prrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrrr
Ruary Posted on 10:05 pm on April 19, 2002
Aye Davie I am a great believer in what goes on tour stays on tour.......but surely you can tell your pals....
Davie the CAT Posted on 9:57 pm on April 19, 2002

That's between me and the sheets......
Somethings are best layed to rest.....
My lips are sealed........
See no evil, Hear no evil and speak no evil........
Andy Gray Posted on 7:27 pm on April 19, 2002
C'mon we'll start oor ain clique then, ahm in the huff!!

Sniff, sniff........
Lamia Posted on 7:27 pm on April 19, 2002

You get this weeks Ruary prize. Group hugs all round What are you on Mirza and can I have some please
AlbaGuBrath Posted on 6:50 pm on April 19, 2002

I don't know which Bzzzz is which but they are both absolutely bonkers and I love them both..

Well, just for your info, there is a Bzzz III registered and fresh new Bzzz unlimited as well. If you share your love on all of them, that's not much though.

This is the best day of the board, at least for me
fringo Posted on 6:33 pm on April 19, 2002
What can I say Lamia - I'm an

Sorry about the lack of fringe. Just discovered hair gel after 30+ years. Also as my "gentleman's barber" once politely said to me : "I think they tide is coming in sir" referring to receding hairline.

I assure you I'm no imposter (or am i ?)

(Edited by fringo at 6:34 pm on April 19, 2002)
Lamia Posted on 6:15 pm on April 19, 2002

Quote: from AlbaGuBrath on 1:08 pm on April 19, 2002
Lamia, Dianne,

Please when referring to Bzzz, do you think of Bzzz or his alter - Bzzz II?

Or iz someon els bekoming Bzzz?

Sorry Bzzz, it's just such a nice day today and me in good mood!

I don't know which Bzzzz is which but they are both absolutely bonkers and I love them both..
Lamia Posted on 6:13 pm on April 19, 2002
Ok Ruary you can stop throwing your toys out of your pram too...

1. Bzzzz/Bzzzz II/Tartan Sheep to confuse the enemy..
2. TAC for going very very pink and giving me a laugh..
3. Davie the CAT for not forcing me into a drifter eating contest we both knew I couldn't win AND for being Davie the CAT..
4. Edinburgh White for not being a woman and confusing the enemy (namely me ) too.
5. Ian black for having two different names and two different sizes
6. Stan Drews for educating me about Marilyns.
7. sonny for not being sonny..
8. Dizzy Blonde for joining forces as a fellow burd.
9. fringo for thinking Bry was Ally and getting all embarassed...poor old bry.. Although I am in two minds cos I was disappointed that there was no fringe. Maybe he was an imposter too...
10. Dave fae Elgin for being Dave fae Elgin so I will not not forget who you are every time we meet..

Andy yer dropped cos you left Ethel behind..
Ruary yer dropped too cos you dropped me..

And BTW these are in no particular order so I want no bickering about your position on the list..

(Edited by Lamia at 7:24 pm on April 19, 2002)
Jacobite Posted on 4:56 pm on April 19, 2002
Did anyone actually leave,I saw his attempt but not a lot of movement.We got down King St just in time to joing the march coming out the social club,even the police weren't to bad about that one.Pity its probably the last International at Pittodrie for a wee while unless the SFA decide to sort Hampden out again only get it right this time.
TARTAN SCOUSER Posted on 3:46 pm on April 19, 2002
[quote]Quote: from fringo on 11:49 am on April 19, 2002
I'd probably try and have a top 20-100 as well as the top 10 but can't remember so many names  &  faces.

I thought Spud the Piper did well trying to coerce 100's of us to Pittodrie from Tilted Wig.

Tilted Wig???? Naebody got us out fae The Windmill!!!!
Ruary Posted on 3:29 pm on April 19, 2002
Right that's it I am never going to start one of these threads again
I thought it was a laugh but seeing as how some of you are spitting out yer dummies cause of your team position or the fact that yous have been subbed for this game
Ezzy can you remove this thread there are too many emotions involved
Come on guys surely there must be at least one of you who could come up with a top 10....AND REMEMBER IT'S JUST FOR FUN
Tartan Sheep Posted on 2:00 pm on April 19, 2002
Please don't say that Mirza....

Now, is this really me, or is it just a wicked rumour?
AlbaGuBrath Posted on 1:56 pm on April 19, 2002
Oh, it's Bzzz again! This time as Tartan Sheep!?

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