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Topic: Albania sells off its military hardware
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Thread Review for Albania sells off its military hardware (newest post first)
Jacobite Posted on 4:57 pm on April 19, 2002
I'm looking for a feather bonnet,don't suppose the Albanian army are punting any of them?
fringo Posted on 4:00 pm on April 19, 2002

Quote: from Rista UF on 3:42 pm on April 19, 2002
about that sub… what if someone is claustrophobic?

I thought it was a convertable ?
Rista UF Posted on 3:42 pm on April 19, 2002
about that sub… what if someone is claustrophobic?
TA Ealing Posted on 3:25 pm on April 19, 2002
When I get it I will text him right away - he's deperate to see it!
denhaagdavid Posted on 3:21 pm on April 19, 2002
TA Ealing,ill send you the address for that ladyboy site Bzzz II was wanting
TA Ealing Posted on 3:19 pm on April 19, 2002
DHD - you should be in the top 10 TAMBers for finding stuff on the net!
denhaagdavid Posted on 3:14 pm on April 19, 2002
Lost it,i was looking for something to go to the football next season when Ajax and Feyenoord come to town. Managed to find a better sub complete with a picture.
Lost It Posted on 2:29 pm on April 19, 2002
Whit! get Irishmen to drive the boat! No wild ROVers for me!
Craig W Posted on 2:26 pm on April 19, 2002
you know, the more I think about this submarine project, the more I think it could work. I know a few ROV pilots, if that's any help...
Lost It Posted on 2:22 pm on April 19, 2002
DHD, that old tank will be no good for the streets of the Hague....It disnae come with a water cannon attachement.
Tartan Sheep Posted on 2:17 pm on April 19, 2002

What exactly were you looking for when you came across this?
Lost It Posted on 2:17 pm on April 19, 2002
Surely, we can use it for the Germany game and we can call it "Das Football Boot"
denhaagdavid Posted on 2:15 pm on April 19, 2002
found a few items on Ebay that might be of interest
also a good site for 2nd hand vehicles,maybe we could really ecome an army??
Sacks Posted on 1:33 pm on April 19, 2002
Alan - that's nuts!

But I like it!!!!  It surely can't be too hard to steer as long as you don't submerge.....
alanmcgregor Posted on 12:51 pm on April 19, 2002
ok, guys, lets be serious

These Albania subs are apparently "WHISKY" class and can take a crew of 56 - let's call it 100 if we take out all the armaments.

SO, if 100 of us pony up 300 quid (cost of getting to Faroes) then we can at least bid almost 50,000USD for the sub - you never know - there might be no other bidders.  Plus the TA will have it for future away trips!

Ally, get that Bank account open....

Can you just imagine sailing into Reykjavik harbour wi Capn Ruary, all hands on deck, standing to attention (Magoo falling overboard), a huge F-off saltire flying from the tower.....

Anyway, if you think that's mad.  Here (in Moscow) we just had a couple of E****** lads passing through on their way to the WC - they are kicking a football all the way from London to Japan - C'mon TA we HAVE to top that!!!!
WillfaeSwindon Posted on 11:11 am on April 19, 2002
Give them US$10 and they rip yer arm off for it!!! lol
Rista UF Posted on 11:04 am on April 19, 2002
Something’s on my mind, what currency is used in Albania? I mean, how are we going to pay all that?
Lost It Posted on 9:46 am on April 19, 2002
We should buy all the MIGs and call them MIDGES. How many TAMB T shirts will we have to sell to raise the money?

Anyone who has TA Air Force badge must be a piolt already.

Craig W Posted on 9:26 am on April 19, 2002
Whit on earth are Albania doing with 500 tanks? That's a lot of tanks for a wee country.

I'll bid for a MiG29 if someone else pays for the gas
TA Ealing Posted on 9:08 am on April 19, 2002
I'll start to use Microsoft Flight Sim more so I can pilot one of the planes we buy...

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