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Topic: Identify yourselves
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Thread Review for Identify yourselves (newest post first)
wonderkid69 Posted on 10:26 am on April 19, 2002
Jimbers wasn't the only one.....a couple up in Aberdonia questioned me as well.Which as i recall i didn't tell you for a reason.....somehow seems safer to tell you from behind a computer screen
scott7 0 Posted on 10:16 am on April 19, 2002
is that a little dig at Jimbers.

Mrs Wood.

how you feeling today
wonderkid69 Posted on 10:11 am on April 19, 2002
I have to admit that a few folk have pulled me up for NOT being a burd.....something to do with the spelling of my name!! Just to clear up any confusion......I'M A BLOKE
Tartan Sheep Posted on 8:49 am on April 19, 2002
Aaaaahhhh. Still don't think I'd recognise you at a Dons game!

Think I'll need to get my other half involved in this board. He's a Partick Thistle fan, but we all have our problems....
Lamia Posted on 8:40 am on April 19, 2002
Tartan Sheep,

Saw you for a minute on Wed. I was next to Mr Macabre (my other half) when you picked up your t-shirt at the game...
Tartan Sheep Posted on 8:35 am on April 19, 2002
Thanks for owning up CMc - you made my dad laugh!!!

Since you're a Heb Bar lad, I might get to meet you again on the Iceland trip since I'm on that charter flight...

And Lamia - if you're at all the Dons games, then I've probably seen you too. Nae idea what you look like, though, otherwise I'd say hello
SunshineonLeith Posted on 7:34 am on April 19, 2002
Nae bother about the singing, found it funny that I could be mistaken for a bloke....!!!

I do actually have a green hair attachment too for the Hibs games.
Normally it's only been worn at when we've been at hampden, but since it's not going to make a reappearance there until well into next season if I make it along to ER soon then I'll wear it.
steviefalkirk Posted on 8:46 pm on April 18, 2002
dinae worry ive knew sol for years and as she never revelled her message board name i thought she was male as well

p.s. sunshine sorry for signing we thought u were male about 50 times last nite.
Ghaax Posted on 8:23 pm on April 18, 2002
So Sunshine - is yer hair gonna be green at ER on Sunday so we can also be aghast yer a burd??

Actually, after Lamia 'came oot' I wondered which others might be of the fairer sex but it's awfy hard tae tell sometimes......

Anyway, surely it'll mean you get treated better?

Come on the rest of you - make yerselfs known.
C Mc Posted on 7:28 pm on April 18, 2002
Miss Sheep

That was me! Also with me was John and the other Hebrides Bar lads (and Fiona and John's bird).

Lamia Posted on 6:35 pm on April 18, 2002
I had figured out Sunshine on Leith was a burd (before I new for sure from the t-ahirt order business with Mr Macabre (don't think we met though)) and Ms Sheep told me herself on this very board (think I have seen you at various Aberdeen games). Arlo Falkirk was the one that got me.

How many more of us do you recon are still in hiding?...

Tartan Sheep I wouldn't worry about being treated differently. I wandered what would happen too but I think it is actually better now having already made your mark....
Sacks Posted on 4:54 pm on April 18, 2002
I was guilty of over-repeating "You're not a bloke" to you, Sunshine, all the way to Pittodrie.

And I tried to tell some vaguely boring story to Arlo about a bloke I knew in Stirling called Arlo, hence thinking she was a fella too.

The hilarity of it all was too much clearly and they legged it before I could finish.

And no the kindly Grampian Polis let me off with just binning up the broken Bacardi Breezer bottle that slipped out my sleeve at their feet.

And for those thast haven't met me, I'm not a burd.  Someone passed me the bottle of BB, honest!!!

(Edited by Sacks at 5:01 pm on April 18, 2002)
Tartan Sheep Posted on 4:36 pm on April 18, 2002
Actually, just thinking I should maybe have called myself Tartan Ewe....not that I'm going to change it now 'cos I've just paid £12 for my t-shirt
Tartan Sheep Posted on 4:34 pm on April 18, 2002
SoL - glad I'm not the only one that surprised other message board bods last night!

Hope this doesn't change the way we're treated on the board, though.
Gemmills Goal Posted on 4:34 pm on April 18, 2002
Only joking Ruary - someone with better safekeeping skills than me has it.
TA Ealing Posted on 4:33 pm on April 18, 2002
Bloody hell - Sunshine and Tartan Sheep are birds?!  Shockeroony!!
SunshineonLeith Posted on 4:29 pm on April 18, 2002
Well I definitely met Beast too, coz he sat with us during the second half.
Others I seen kicking about in Windmills were LizM, Tartan Scouser, Scotty P, Ross the Shepherd, Ezzy and seen MickNorthCroy.
Stoated down to Pittodrie with Sacks, Bridie Boy and BJMor.  
by the way Sacks, did you get lifted or did you just disappear??
Gemmills Goal Posted on 4:28 pm on April 18, 2002
Ruary - I gave you the £200 we collected last night, didn't I? If not, I've lost it.
Gemmills Goal Posted on 4:25 pm on April 18, 2002
Ah, blue hair - it's all coming slowly back now
scott7 0 Posted on 4:24 pm on April 18, 2002
Nik, i no she wasn't i think, i had a conversation with Gav abouther, well about everyone thinking she as a bloke.

Hope this clears this matter up, i think, uummmm i'm not sure, Christ i wish i was in the pub

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