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Topic: Ginger is in
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Thread Review for Ginger is in (newest post first)
fringo Posted on 2:49 pm on April 19, 2002
I think you're right Lost It, but I don't have weblink (got sent the file).
Spent about an hour online trying to find it but no joy.
Consolation is that I found a few more jokes, quotes, stories etc that I'll post later.
Lost It Posted on 2:25 pm on April 19, 2002
Fringo, probably best from the web site.
fringo Posted on 12:23 pm on April 19, 2002
any help ideas yet for my previous post ?
Lost It Posted on 9:23 am on April 19, 2002
ReekySporran aimed the lost wallet etc stuff at me ( hence the name).

Just get back into Labs and keep churning the Gingers out..Okay!

Come to think of it whose DNA are you using Reeky?

Not your own surely.
Gemmills Goal Posted on 9:12 am on April 19, 2002
Reeky Sporran - you may well have a point. I am not a ginger and I've lost numerous things on trips - two jackets, a single boot, train tickets, a flag, a wallet (with about £200 in it), numerous programmes, four scarves,
a hip flask - and any remaining vestiges of my dignity.
fringo Posted on 9:03 am on April 19, 2002
I've got a cracking "Ginger" picture joke on my PC.
to try and post link - does it have to be from website or can link be from my PC ?
Lost It Posted on 8:53 am on April 19, 2002
If you'll no drink beer we can always get ye some ginger.
Kernaghan Posted on 2:13 am on April 19, 2002
Well... the beer bit sounds good!!
Bzzzz Posted on 2:10 am on April 19, 2002
Kernie, Im warmin to you...
its about time you got yersel tae a game so we can all get ya a beer...
Kernaghan Posted on 1:47 am on April 19, 2002
Well okay. They had PICTURES.

Bzzzz Posted on 1:33 am on April 19, 2002
Who you tryin to kid!
e*****h and ye can read! yer arse!
Kernaghan Posted on 12:51 am on April 19, 2002
Gingerness has been definitively traced back to the neanderthal race.

...or so I read in the Record last year
ReekySporran Posted on 10:24 pm on April 18, 2002
a ginger is a better quality of person, thats why.........and they don't lose things either, especially wallets and possession.
Lost It Posted on 1:13 pm on April 18, 2002
Just an observation but we did seem to field a high number of gingers last night.

Is there a link between this and Bertie's new style of play?

Has the Ginger gene been proven to link aggresive quality and winning?

Scientists will be working on this as we speak and does this mean there has been a Billy Bremner cloning program going in secret?

More Questions than Answers it seems.

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