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Topic: WITHDRAW FROM 2008?
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Thread Review for WITHDRAW FROM 2008? (newest post first)
William Wallace Posted on 10:43 pm on Nov. 11, 2002
Could money not be spent on youth development as well? I thought that the Executive had spent under its budget or something - not sure though.
ReekySporran Posted on 10:33 pm on Nov. 11, 2002
You're more than likely right there Perthshirebell, I have nae confidence in that idiot.
perthshirebell Posted on 10:08 pm on Nov. 9, 2002
Reeky it would make sense to scrap the bid and spend all that money on youth pitches insentives, etc, etc.  However i doubt Mr McConnell would allow us to spend all the money set aside for 2008 on the youngsters.  You have already seen how reluctant he was to bid for 2008 when he bottled it to go alone.
Neutral Observer Posted on 12:31 am on Sep. 27, 2002

Quote: from sonny on 12:34 am on Sep. 25, 2002
My view is that we go ahead with the bid because in the worst case scenario we can convince Uefa at a later date by pointing to the fact that they can't refuse us twice.

Can't they? England have put together bids for 3 World Cups in the past 20 years: 1990 and 2006 they failed and they canned their 1998 bid at an embryonic stage when the Euro '96 opportunity sprung up. And given the farcical circumstances which cost South Africa 2006 (not long after also missing out on the 2004 Olympics, having been hotly tipped both times) you'll understand why I do believe lightning could strike twice.

Sorry if this is all a bit negative...having a bit of a bad day...
Tam Posted on 12:15 am on Sep. 27, 2002


ReekySporran Posted on 10:54 pm on Sep. 26, 2002
Sorry wee john, I don't fully subscribe to the "party line" on this and I'm having my doubts, as I'm entitled to! only 80/20 though........
sonny Posted on 4:49 pm on Sep. 25, 2002
As the majority of the expenditure ends up in salaries and company turnover the tax take will be huge. The parliament building will see between one-third and one-half of all we spend ending up in London. Same for expenditure here I guess. Proceeds from knock-on benefits would be similar too I suppose. Good argument for fiscal independence!
tommyt Posted on 4:37 pm on Sep. 25, 2002
Yes as it stand all of the tax take , mostly VAT but tax on baccy, booze etc that was raised durign 2008 would go straight to the excequer in London.

We would get some of that back - about 12% through the way that the exec is now funded, the rest woudl just go into gordon Browns "war chest".

The SNP has been calling for an equivalent amoutn to be given to Scotland on the grounds that we raisd it, wont happen unless there is change of government though.

Predict a big political stushie about thsi if we get 2008

Jam Posted on 8:57 am on Sep. 25, 2002
I remember about a year ago that maybe the Scot Exec was gaunnae ask to keep the tax revenues from it. But huvnae heard oniehing since.
Thermopylae Posted on 8:46 am on Sep. 25, 2002
tommyt, for argument...

Does this mean the Scottish people and Scottish Executive will fund 2008, Westminster will rake in the tax benefit, and those benefits could ultimately be invested in British (ie. predominantly English) sports development?
wee john Posted on 8:37 am on Sep. 25, 2002
Aye fine Reeky, pick if you like, campaign maybe wasn't the word, but to even be thinking we should scrap our bid now after all the work is plain daft.
You know what I meant!
sonny Posted on 11:34 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
You are right of course. The divisive approach is to tell people to think uncritically. It is of course a more inclusive approach to incorporate and discuss doubts and reservations.

My view is that we go ahead with the bid because in the worst case scenario we can convince Uefa at a later date by pointing to the fact that they can't refuse us twice. Also, we should have a plan B whereby we improve our youth training and have a tournament application too. I know that exists now but ideally the former should be well under way by the time we make another application.
tommyt Posted on 6:32 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
On your figure point

The tax take alone associated with Eruo 96 was £600M -scotland could expect to generate a bit less (as we are wee-er and sare sharign with IReland) now (unless were are independent by then) that is money which will go to the tresaury in London, but thats a pro-indpendence rather than an anti 2008 argument - that money would more the recoup the oulay and, could be directed towards all sorts of good sporting causes.

ReekySporran Posted on 6:08 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
Swanners, you paint a beautiful picture, I'm now 80/20

fringo Posted on 4:10 pm on Sep. 24, 2002

Quote: from Swanners on 4:46 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
Reeky - I'll try and swing it quickly and easily for you.

2008 = scotland qualifying = two weeks off work on the lash = happiness.


Hopefully , might even be 4 weeks off work = I have a Dream/Utopia   :livinginhope:
Swanners Posted on 3:46 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
Reeky - I'll try and swing it quickly and easily for you.

2008 = scotland qualifying = two weeks off work on the lash = happiness.

ReekySporran Posted on 12:38 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
wee john - I would hardly call starting this thread a "campaign to scrap our bid" !! go and read my original post again.

Tam - I usually only get to 51/49 before its "timber!" and I'm left licking the flair!
wee john Posted on 9:28 am on Sep. 24, 2002
Aye right, fine time to start a campaign to scrap our bid 2 months before the decision, really clever that is!!!
We're in for it now, get that intae yer heids, there is no going back.
Tam Posted on 10:21 pm on Sep. 23, 2002
at 70/30 for, you are leaning towards the bid now.

Lets face it, as soon as you start leaning mate.....its only a matter of time before you fall over the whole 100%

(Pot, kettle, black )
ReekySporran Posted on 7:59 pm on Sep. 23, 2002
Ah Tam, I wondered when you would try and persuade me! I agree that the money which is being made available will otherwise go elsewhere other than football if the bid isn't succesful, thats a fair point.

However, I've had a look at the bid document, and to me the training facilities are basically club grounds with a few training HQ's thrown in such as Aberdeen, Rangers and Hearts, certainly not 16 state of the art facilities, I mean Gala Fairydean FC? Also, Hearts are funding their training HQ themselves but it has been delayed by nearly 2 years already and some are having doubts whether it will happen at all in the short term. I doubt there will be any more than 2 or 3 NEW training facilities developed for 2008, more like some changing room and pitch upgrades at club grounds.

What I am hoping, and what is making me lean more towards hosting, is that the tournament can be a catalyst for the game to flourish in Scotland, a bit like England and Euro96, and attract investment into the game. There are a lot of wealthy companies in Aberdeen and Edinburgh that don't see football as a wise investment (and in the current climate who can blame them!). It might even get kids away from their Playstations and back onto the football pitch!

I'm now 70/30 for 2008!

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