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Topic: 2008 inspections
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Thread Review for 2008 inspections (newest post first)
Sacks Posted on 12:58 pm on Sep. 19, 2002
Combat, I think that's blatant hypocrisy.  Not that I can talk....
Tam Posted on 12:01 pm on Sep. 19, 2002
Max Clifford wiz on the phone and he said I'll get some 'glossies' to sign for you later
combat Posted on 8:37 pm on Sep. 18, 2002
Well done to easta and the Beve.........Tam you are a media tart...but good on you
erchie69 Posted on 5:22 pm on Sep. 18, 2002
could nae get a courier ony where the day tam ! can ah get yer autiegraphy ?
wrighty Posted on 10:12 am on Sep. 18, 2002

Quote: from Charlie D on 8:59 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
Aye, you all looked good. Pity I couldn't make it but just too busy at work.

bry Posted on 7:35 am on Sep. 18, 2002
Breeks under yer kilt - we'll have to sort you out
The Fella Posted on 12:11 am on Sep. 18, 2002
Kayleigh looked more relaxed than you fella!!!!

Oh and where were her shades this time????
Tam Posted on 11:57 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
This was the only opportunity to get close to the inspection team as they are on a definate schedule the rest of the week.
Am glad I took the opportunity to address the delegates now although I was keechin mah breeks at the time.

I believe there is a press conference on Friday to get their thoughts on Scotland/Ireland.

Sonny, being an Arab prepared me well for following the Scotland team
The Fella Posted on 11:42 pm on Sep. 17, 2002

Texted you earlier fella, any welcome required at Embra????
sonny Posted on 10:05 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
A wuz listenin,

"Lapsed Arab" eh?
Mick North Croy Posted on 10:03 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
Aye well done folks

Tam, is there any welcome parties arranged for the Glasgow inspections
Charlie D Posted on 7:59 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
Aye, you all looked good. Pity I couldn't make it but just too busy at work.
chewysi Posted on 3:19 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
Media Tart

Before anyone comments. Diddley was telt by the press to put his t-shirt on back to front then stand beside his nephew so the message read

Tam Posted on 2:00 pm on Sep. 17, 2002
Some good 2008/Tartan Army PR today in Dundee.

A good turnout from EASTA, plus wee John fae Perth's missus, Beve, came through as the wee man couldnae make it!!!

Look out for Beve and the lads and lassies on the TV etc tonight and over the weekend.

There was also a wee bit on the Lesley Riddich show today.
Click on here;http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/radioscotland/media/lesley_demand_tue.ram and fast forward to about 1 hour 23 mins into the recording.

Go on UEFA......geez it please!!!

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