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Topic: UEFA keeps May 31 deadline
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Thread Review for UEFA keeps May 31 deadline (newest post first)
Rista UF Posted on 8:40 am on Mar. 22, 2002
Iím sorry, but itís available only in Serbian for now. The website is about F.C.Rad-Belgrade fans (United Force).
ColinG Posted on 10:31 am on Mar. 20, 2002

Just been to your website, is there any way I can see it in English?
Rista UF Posted on 12:15 am on Mar. 20, 2002
I'll do that.
sonny Posted on 10:58 am on Mar. 19, 2002
We are starting an online TA called WEBTA and part of that is to allow people from all over the world to join and then get help to start up their own TA branch. If you want on the email list drop me a line at join_webta@yahoo.co.uk

You would be welcome!
Rista UF Posted on 9:58 am on Mar. 19, 2002
Thanks for answer!
However, I like only Scotland, not the entire Britain. Your fans are sometimes amazing me. For example, in France 1998. You were loosing the game against Morocco (3:0, as I remember) and everybody were still singing to support Scotland. That is something you canít see often. Iím not the only one here who likes Scotland. Many people have sympathies for your national team that we could organize TA Belgrade.
Iíve got your T-shirt Scotland 2008, but now Ireland is also in the game. Will there be any new shirts with the new logo?
sonny Posted on 5:35 pm on Mar. 18, 2002
Good briefy there,
There were letters sent with cented herbs which can cause people to go to caberet acts. It was sent by the Scottish National Liberace Army who are infact british intelligence or Oxford Batty Boys Club.
Jam Posted on 12:26 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

Scotland isn't independent - it is part of the United Kingdom. It has a devolved goverment which has responsibility for some affairs but London has ultimate control. There is a party in Scotland that campaigns for independence called the Scottish National Party but it only has about 30% of support in Scotland.

Most people in Scotland don't support independence for a variety of reasons (some feel British, some think we can't afford it, some think it's irrelevant, many vote for the same party their parent's did, etc). This Tartan thingy - I don't know what you mean. You may mean something called the SNLA (Scottish National Liberation Army) which supposedly sent letter bombs to unionists recently. I say supposedly because many people doubt the group's existence. It's probably one nutter rather than an organisation.
Rista UF Posted on 11:04 am on Mar. 18, 2002
England was the host of European championship already. What the **** they want now? Scotland is already an independent country, as I see it. We have the same problem here in Serbia (they are keeping us under name of Yugoslavia, although it consists of two countries Serbia & Montenegro). So, why should be Scotland the part of England or Great Britain? Iíve heard that there were some attacks in London, and that those attacks were organized by organization called TARTAN. As they say on BBC, that organization is fighting for independent Scotland, but they are not as extreme as IRA, for example. Can anybody tell me something about that?  Itís a political question but please answer me, because I like Scotland a lot, and Iím very interested whatís happening in there.
Big Dod Posted on 9:36 pm on Mar. 17, 2002
Totally agree with WillfaeSwindon.  The politicians are squirming to find a way out of this, while at the same time appearing to give it there best shot tae keep the plebs happy. W*****s the lot o them.
WillfaeSwindon Posted on 9:03 pm on Mar. 17, 2002
It is because our government does not want us to be fre of england! If we hosted Euro2008 it would mean that the whole country would be happy and may then want to become independent! The offical reason is that "the profit from hosting it is not big enough"!!!!
Rista UF Posted on 8:58 pm on Mar. 17, 2002
What's happened with Scottish organization of EURO2008 without Ireland? You have enough stadiums to organize it yourself. Is it the metter of money, or what?
sonny Posted on 11:37 am on Mar. 17, 2002
Both countries needed more time to get over severe problems with the joint bid caused by the late change of mind by Jack McConnell. 31 May will remain the deadline for detailed submissions. This gives Irish officials around 1 week between their general election and their trip to Japan on May 17 onwards to sort out crucial issues, matters of detail and make them presentable.
The Scottish exec are saying that up to May is not a crucial stage (s****** .........).

Why the extention request then?

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