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Topic: Norway
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Thread Review for Norway (newest post first)
Le Mouton Posted on 1:08 pm on Sep. 28, 2002
I shall be there basically because i have mates in Norway and had promised to visit them in the Summer anyway.Convenient date eh?
Now i aint looked into it at all, how to book,with whom or when.But i know that my mates sister was due to come to Galasgow to see us but had to pull out cos she was ill.I asked him if she would get her money back and he laughed and said she didnt want the hassle because the flight had only cost her bout 80 pence (think he said bout 10 Kroner but then said 80p!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I shall look into it when back at uni and keep u all informed!
lovak Posted on 1:53 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
Have been a Stuuudent in Oslo before, plenty cheaper places if you know before you go eh......but aye tanked up at home normal, still weather will be fine in August..
Sacks Posted on 12:44 pm on Sep. 24, 2002
My mate's just back from Oslo and he says it was about a fiver for a beer (and that's less than a pint) in most places although others were charging through the roof.  He also said that the pubs are deserted until about 10 at night because all the locals are sensibly getting tanked up at home.

He had a pretty good time by the sound of it though
lovak Posted on 10:54 am on Sep. 23, 2002
The RyanAir flight from Prestwick to Torp is not too bad at all.... (although is says Oslo on the advertising) got one in January for about £30 then RyanAir put on a bus for about £7 to take you Oslo city centre...used to live in Oslo years ago, and yes talent and weather excellent. Prices have dropped a bit as well, accomodation and food are not too bad - beer bit pricey but less than Faroes. However  'The Scotsman' bar in Oslo is about as Scottish as Yorkshire Pudding.....the Ulleval Stadium is pretty close to the centre as well......
maradona Posted on 11:41 pm on Sep. 19, 2002
awright if u dont get sea sick
Shotts56 Posted on 8:31 pm on Sep. 19, 2002
Could fly from Prestwick to Oslo, but I quite fancy the ferry from Newcastle.  It goes to Kristiansand, which is about 3.5 hours on the train from Oslo.  Much prefer ferries to flying ... easier to get to the bar !
EddieC Posted on 12:20 pm on Sep. 19, 2002
Flights from Aberdeen should be ok as there are a number of scheduled services to Norway .. but cost will be an issue unless you can get booked well in advance.
Andrew fae Rosyth Posted on 11:09 am on Sep. 19, 2002
Was speaking to a travel agent last week about Oslo. He reckons flights usually become available about 9 months in advance so probably won't be much doing before November or so. I told him I didn't really fancy driving to Prestick to get the Ryanair flight and he said that going via Amsterdam with KLM might be quite cheap.
stavanger simmy Posted on 2:20 pm on Sep. 16, 2002
The match is in Oslo, however I don't think any of the cheaper airlines fly there (I could be wrong).

Ryanair fly to Torp which is Sandefjord (I think) about 2 hours train journey from Oslo. Was in oslo last week, glorious weather, unbelievable talent, and expensive beer. But it'd be a great place for a trip, especially in summer.
coullzer Posted on 10:13 pm on Sep. 13, 2002
Will have to be very cheap flights and a 2 day trip for me to be there
WillfaeSwindon Posted on 12:08 pm on Sep. 13, 2002
Might go via Copenhagen again after having such a good time there on the way to/from Faroes.
Tartan Sheep Posted on 7:50 am on Sep. 13, 2002
Just had a look at the Ryanair website and it keeps telling me there are no flights from Prestwick to Oslo in August 2003! Guess that means you cannae book that far in advance, then.

Seems that the flights are about £30 each way before taxes, though.
Ravenous Rob Posted on 12:45 pm on Sep. 10, 2002
Oslo apparently. Another cheap trip !
maradona Posted on 8:38 pm on Sep. 9, 2002
Anyone looked into prices or anything??
wheres the game being played?

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