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Topic: Getting from Luton to Stanstead
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Thread Review for Getting from Luton to Stanstead (newest post first)
combat Posted on 7:41 pm on Oct. 4, 2002
Cove if you can drive fella get one of them easycar as it might be cheaper than a taxi
Bzzzz Posted on 10:33 am on Oct. 4, 2002
Unfortunatley thats the way to do it... mind you if there is more than one of you it works out cheaper to get a cab... prepare for the worst tho if you do go into London then out to Stansted as recently (ie in the last 4 months) the traffic here has become absolutely diablocal... I have never experienced traffic like it and they are still building the Stansted airport bypass so the traffic is forked around there an aw! work yer journey time oot and double it! nothin worse than missin a flight because of fuQin London traffic believe me! (cost me a damn guid job in Paradise!)... oh aye, if yer there early theres a good bar at Stansted...
Crozzer the Bing Posted on 12:36 pm on Oct. 2, 2002
If you go in tae London yeah need to get the train fae Luton to Kings Cross then a tube to Liverpool Street for the Stanstead express, probably about £35 all in.
WEHATEJIMMYHILL Posted on 11:34 pm on Oct. 1, 2002
If ye go into London ye can get the Stansted Express for about £14 takes u right 2 the airport a think.
Shotts56 Posted on 7:21 pm on Sep. 2, 2002
I did it by taxi going to Latvia a couple of years ago - an Easyjet to Luton and then flying from Stansted to Stockholm.  

A taxi shouldn't be too expensive, I thought, but the guy hit me with a bill for £50.  As I was in his cab for about an hour and 15 mins, I suppose it was about right enough.  Won't ever be doing that again though.
GogsinBerkshire Posted on 1:51 pm on Sep. 2, 2002
It'll take about 1 1/2 hours if you go by National Express Flightlink bus (http://www.gobycoach.com/)
Dunno how much it is but it's bound to be cheaper than going into & out of London.

A taxi'll be as much as £70!!! Gulp!


Cove_Sheep Posted on 12:24 pm on Sep. 2, 2002
Can anyone tell me how easy getting from Luton airport to Stanstead airport is?

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