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Topic: Hungarian Campaign
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Thread Review for Hungarian Campaign (newest post first)
Brocher Posted on 9:07 am on Sep. 13, 2002
Just back from Budapest. Some place 80p a pint. Bonniest women in the world.
Even found a Scottish Pub which served excellent cheap beer and great cheap meals. One of my mates had a "William Wallace steak" .
Nice barmaid resplendent in tartan micro kilt wich matching tartan baseball cap which I gifted her.
I should have asked her to swap.
All we need now is a friendly in Budapest.
The pub is called "Sir Williams" for further info see posting in general forum titled "Hungarian Appeal" or post reply to this post.
Paul NATA Posted on 11:17 pm on Aug. 29, 2002
Err, I see that now as well - I'd just skimmed the article that my link points to the last time around!
alanmcgregor Posted on 8:30 am on Aug. 29, 2002
Unfortunately, it is not where MUFC lost the other night.  The MTK stadion is close but an entirely different stadium to the National Stadium in Budapest.  The national stadium  used to be called the Nepstadion (Peoples Stadium) but has recently been renamed Ferenc Puskas Stadium after some portly military chap who apparently was pretty good wi' a football!
Paul NATA Posted on 8:39 pm on Aug. 23, 2002
Okay - I accept it, as I found this on the web:

I didn't realise this is also where Man Utd lost the other night.

Good job I didn't do my usual stadia-spotting tour out to the Colombiers when we in Paris then!
Brocher Posted on 5:46 pm on Aug. 23, 2002
Back to "Escape to Victory" it was definately filmed in Budapest because the area in Paris where the stadium was had become too modern to appear like wartime.
So the MTK stadium in Budapest was used to recreate the Stadium Colombes and the surrounding area was said to look much like wartime Paris.
No doubt the cost factor also came into it Budapest probably costing a tenth of what Paris would have been.
alanmcgregor Posted on 7:30 am on Aug. 23, 2002
Nooooooooo........Don't go to Budapest, it's sh1te, expensive beer, crap weather, REALLY ugly Burds (actually thousands are transvestites), definitely cancel yer holidays if you have already booked - go to somewhere like Arran - for the golf.

Honestly don't come here, I mean, there - oops!
Paul NATA Posted on 11:10 pm on Aug. 22, 2002
I heard that Escape to Victory was filmed on location at the Stade de Colombiers in Paris - it was originally built for the 1938 World Cup Final.
Brocher Posted on 5:18 pm on Aug. 21, 2002
Great news about Budapest.
Off there in a couple of weeks for 5 days with 2 fellow TA members.
Any more info Sacks ?
Pubs/Brothels/Restaurants/Strip clubs  etc.
I believe the MTK football stadium in Budapest was where Escape to Victory was filmed, could be worth a visit that's aboot as cultural a place as I am likely to visit.
Andy Gray Posted on 4:18 pm on Aug. 10, 2002

That place sounds great, I'll try to twin it wae Croy Miners Welfare Club.
shambles Posted on 11:09 pm on Aug. 6, 2002
oh aye,avoid a nightclub called the black hole,only place i`ve ever seen kids injecting neat vodka into their veins(have these people not heard of coke?) & collapsing into a coma.in another room was a sort of scorpions/europe style german rock band with dodgy haircuts & dodgy locals with dodgy haircuts waving cheap,dodgy lighters in the air.you have been warned.
shambles Posted on 11:03 pm on Aug. 6, 2002
check out the hotel gellert baths,great place for checking oot the mantovani whilst getting a wash & massage.watch oot for the taxi drivers as they are robbing bastards on a prague scale,best agreeing a fixed price first as the meter will invariably be switched on to hogmanay 2am rate otherwise.
Sacks Posted on 4:36 pm on Aug. 5, 2002
Old Man's Pub has live music every night - but only serves imported beers (?)  - presumably to attract the ex-pat community.

Depends what you're into but Castro on Raday Utca was pretty lively (good talent) and McCarthy's is worth checking out.  If it's warm enough go to Rac Kert just over the bridge in Buda - it has a good-sized beer garden and local entertainment (gypsy music, belly-dancers etc).

I reckon I could be back in October or November for a couple of nights - via Switzerland and Austria.
ScottishMagpie Posted on 8:53 pm on Aug. 4, 2002
Having been there for a weekend last May I can recommend it and can vouch for everything above.  

There is a big Irish pub called Becketts, that's pretty lively - it's got sky sports if you want to see any footie.

Good place for late nights is The Old Man's Music pub which I think is open until dawn if memory serves.  The main drag is Radi Utca and there's stacks of bars down there.
Up Helly Aa Posted on 11:43 pm on Aug. 3, 2002
Any chance of naming and shaming some boozers? Going there in October? (en route to Greece and Turkey).
The Kilt Posted on 4:18 pm on Aug. 3, 2002
I have tonnes of holiday left and had Hungary top of the want to visit list.

see ya
coullzer Posted on 9:56 pm on Aug. 2, 2002
I wanna go!!!!!!!!!
allan Posted on 5:16 pm on Aug. 1, 2002
Andy Gray Posted on 4:49 pm on Aug. 1, 2002
I've never been there, but it's now one of my fave cities!!!!!!!!!!
Sacks Posted on 2:28 pm on Aug. 1, 2002
Aye - it's a bit pricier now.  They're beginning to get wise to the tourist thing and charge as much as £1.25 for a pint on Castle Hill!!!!  Can you believe it?

I probably paid on average 60-70p for a beer - and it's good stuff.  The Dreher slips down very easily.  Mind I was mostly drinking in poncy Raday Utca bars like Castro, where all the lovely ladeez hang oot (literally ) so you can get it cheaper elsewhere.  I had a cracking steak in green peppercorn sauce with a huge plate of fries for lunch one day for about £2.50.  No bad really.  

I had a week's pass for transport which my mate who lives there got me so I've no idea how much it cost.

Definitely recommend it for a holiday.  Perfect for a TA trip.  Apparently they go on about beating England in 1954 as much as they do about 1966.  It's good to know they're on our side.  
Gemmills Goal Posted on 2:00 pm on Aug. 1, 2002
I was also there about 1986 and ever since it's been one of my fave cities. Cheap beer, braw wummin, decent clubs - and Mrs Orban made a great breakfast.
I'd sell the house if I had to to get back there. Get the finger oot bertie!

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