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Topic: Brazil v Scotland freindly - Feb 2003
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Thread Review for Brazil v Scotland freindly - Feb 2003 (newest post first)
Ravenous Rob Posted on 10:37 pm on Sep. 18, 2002
Ravenous Rob Posted on 10:37 pm on Sep. 18, 2002
I hope nobody's insinuating that I'd be keen on Brazil for anything other than the burds
combat Posted on 8:27 pm on Sep. 18, 2002
Why RR would you like this trip?  Is it because they play football 24/7
Ravenous Rob Posted on 12:30 pm on Sep. 18, 2002
Does anyone have any more gen on this one ?

I'm giving it a serious thought the game's on. anyone else be up for it ?
DesertJock Posted on 3:55 pm on Sep. 10, 2002
Hold on there Rob that wisnae me that was Big Alan.  I was gingerly standing in the background waiting for a dance,  but nobody asked me.  I was the one who slept with the ugliest lassie in Latvia

Ravenous Rob Posted on 12:35 pm on Sep. 10, 2002
That wiznae all you found though DJ wiz it !!!

DesertJock Posted on 3:48 pm on Sep. 9, 2002
I heard from someone who said that they heard off of Aunty Marje (aye its one of those ones) in the Faroes on Friday that the game in Brazil is soon to be confirmed.  Don't know if this is another Tartan Army Tale though.

Shambles I am jealous as feq of you now.  Stopped off in Iceland for a night on the way to the Faroes and jesus christ!!!!  The place is completley munterless.  So unless you've found the only Beast there, good on you mate.
shambles Posted on 1:20 am on July 29, 2002
no not really!think westa 556 already has on icelandic locals thread in photos section.lets just say i was taken advantage of after 24 hours of
wonderkid69 Posted on 3:29 pm on July 25, 2002
Don't think i've ever met ye shambles but it seems you've got a bit of a reputation there mate.Care to divulge?
Ally Macabre Posted on 2:10 pm on July 25, 2002
There's usually five or six in a litter...

AlbaGuBrath Posted on 7:13 am on July 25, 2002

Quote: from shambles on 2:14 am on July 25, 2002
but my back up plan is sharing a room with me

I didn't know the woman from Copenhagen had a twin sister!?
shambles Posted on 12:14 am on July 25, 2002
but my back up plan is sharing a room with me
westa 5556 Posted on 4:41 pm on July 24, 2002
She`ll find ye.......she found you EVERY night in Copenhagen........
shambles Posted on 1:16 pm on July 24, 2002
hence the disguise i`m working on mirza.i`m going dressed as a drunk scottish football fan to blend in with the crowd.
AlbaGuBrath Posted on 7:02 pm on July 23, 2002
I have heard a rumour about a woman waiting for Shambles in Iceland!
shambles Posted on 4:08 pm on July 23, 2002
copacabana in brazilian summer or barry island in welsh winter.now that really is a tough choice.
Danny D Posted on 1:28 pm on July 23, 2002
Thanks for that, might try and get away with it anyway, she would never know !
Ally Macabre Posted on 1:23 pm on July 23, 2002
This rumour was replaced by another rumour about S Africa, which was in turn replaced by another rumour, and another rumour...

Latest I've heard is Portugal or Wales away next february, but I wouldn't book anything just yet!
Danny D Posted on 1:02 pm on July 23, 2002
Can anyone confirm whether the rumours of the above game, proposed for Feb 2003, are true ?  We have looked into flights from Glasgow...only £500 for a week of Samba !!!  Trying to work out whether to plant the seed with the burd now for a week in Rio with the boys or settle for 3 days in Lithuania - Tough choice !!

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