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As of Noon on Friday 26th September, the TAMB will be re-launching.

The board will now be hosted at http://tamb.ipbhost.com/

The web address http://www.tartanarmyboard.co.uk will continue to work, but there may be a short delay before it points to the new board.

The old TAMB will continue to exist for a short period at https://t-army.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi , but will be for reference purposes and locked. All new posts should be made on new board

In recent months the TAMB has, in the opinion of the majority of users, deteriorated in both quality and usefulness. As you all know there was a recent problem with malicious multiple identities and “trolls”. In addition, the forums are not being used as intended, and too many threads descend into either personal attacks or off-topic conversation. The end result is that the board has lost a lot of goodwill and has been abandoned by many valuable contributors.

The new board will be managed more effectively to ensure that everyone gets what they want from the TAMB, and most importantly that it provides a valuable source of information for all subjects linked to the Scotland Team.

All users will have to re-register at the new board. Multiple Ids will be strictly banned, and an email verification system has been put in place. We hope this can be done as quickly as possible, but please bear with us if delays are experienced during initial rush.  If you want to register under a new, replacement, name that's fine, but please don't "steal" user names that you know are being used by current posters.

Forums themselves will be similar to current format. However, they will be reduced in number, and will be better regulated and moderated.

The initial forums have been decided by taking into account the usage by current TAMB posters. This list is obviously subjective, but a decision has been made and will provide the initial structure without further discussion. Future changes/additions will be considered after a suitable bedding in period for new board.

Launch Forums will be:

TA/Scotland Team Specific;
TA clubs and STC;
Home Games;
General Travel;
Specific away games;

AOB will comprise:
Non-Scotland football;
Technical support;
and “Anything Goes” forum.

“Anything Goes” is where any topic that does not fit a specific forum description should be posted. It is there to ensure that the other forums can be kept “clean”. Users of “Anything Goes” will obviously be held to normal rules of decency and responsibilities, but will not be restricted in topics or opinions. In return they will be expected to leave other forums for their intended use.

If a thread doesn’t match the forum, or descends into off-topic inanity, the thread will be locked.  Moderators will no longer move topics to the correct forum, and it will be up to topic starter to re-post in the correct place if they so wish.

Users will be required to take more responsibility in making the TAMB work for everyone looking for information or discussion on the Scotland team and supporters. Keep it in the right place so that everyone knows what to look at and what to avoid. Moderators will be taking a more active role initially to ensure this happens.

Persistent misuse of forums will result in an escalating warning, with a “Red Card” leading to a posting ban for a number of days.

The TA made its name on being self-policing, it’s time that reputation moved to cyberspace!

The Sunshine Appeal has now launched its own website that is featured on, and linked to the new board.

On a technical note, hosting will move to a dedicated service provided by Forum software designers. This will ensure efficient one-stop support and continued improvements to the service offered. The forum software itself has been carefully selected, and will provide a wide range of useful features in addition to those currently offered. Moderators/Admins will remain anonymous and may or may not be currently performing these tasks.

Finally, on behalf of the TAMB, we would like to thank Ezzy for getting the whole thing off the ground originally, Scott Kelly for hosting the site over the last year, and Mirza for his dedicated and unconditional devotion to the running of the board over the past 2/3 years.

Without their contributions we would not have a message board, simple as that, and we are all indebted to them for this.

As Mirza steps down from the role of Administrator, we hope he will continue to post as a TAMBer. Cheers Mirza!

See you all on the new TAMB!

Posted on:1:02 pm on Sep. 26, 2003

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